Jennifer Grey, star of Dirty Dancing, breaks silence on ex-fiancé Johnny Depp’s trial after calling him…

This is undoubtedly some new information about Johnny Depp’s dating life, and it couldn’t have arrived at a better moment.

Jennifer Grey’s new book, Out of the Corner, was released this week, and it details many aspects of her life for the first time, including her surprisingly contentious relationship with Patrick Swayze on Dirty Dancing, and her beautiful but tumultuous relationship with Johnny.

For those who don’t know, despite becoming one of the world’s biggest performers at the time, Jennifer’s late ’80s were a difficult time for her. She was in the automobile with her then-boyfriend Matthew Broderick when he was killed in a horrible 1987 accident in Ireland, which killed two women. She and Matthew both made it out alive, albeit he was severely hurt and suffered from amnesia, and she suffered from whiplash and survivor’s guilt.

The following year, she and Broderick broke up, and she was set up on a blind date with Johnny Depp, who was then the star of 21 Jump Street and had yet to break out with Edward Scissorhands. The evening went extremely well, she said in her book, as they “spoke, drank Jack Daniel’s, laughed our asses off, and had cigarette breaks midcourse.” And it was clear that she couldn’t get over his “ridiculously stunning” appearance.

She told: “When we were younger… This guy seemed to be the solution to all of my issues. This gentleman was charming, caring, romantic, and obsessed with me, as well as attractive. I needed to get back into something that looked and felt like Johnny Depp in 1989. It was a very gentle fall, believe me. It was required. I was on the verge of passing out, and this person saved me by just making me… not feel what I was feeling.”

It sounds fantastic. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all roses and champagne. They were temporarily engaged, but she called it off. Why? She wrote in her memoir about how his journey from Vancouver, where he was filming the teen cop drama, had become less and less pleasurable as he became more and more problematic:

“He’d began missing his flights home to LA because he’d overslept, or he’d be insanely jealous and paranoid about what I’d been up to while he was gone when he did return.” I attributed his irritability and dissatisfaction to his frustration at being unable to leave 21 Jump Street.”

“Irrationally jealous and paranoid”? Hmm. She may have assumed he was just having a terrible day, but that description is alarmingly similar to what Amber Heard revealed in her testimony this week.

Johnny allegedly accused her of “secretly having a thing with” James Franco, denied her permission to hang out with co-stars because it couldn’t possibly be platonic, and physically intimidated a lady for snuggling close to her at a campfire, according to the Aquaman actor.

While Johnny’s exes have mainly defended him against domestic violence allegations, this portrayal of the lothario as temperamental and dominating throughout 20 years of drug and alcohol abuse before he met Amber… It doesn’t appear to be a good situation.

Jennifer hasn’t made any statements about the ongoing trial. She merely stated her opinion.

“About the trial, all I can say is that it hurts my heart for everyone concerned.” I just think it’s unfortunate and wish it could be resolved, and I wish everyone the best.”

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Jennifer Grey, star of Dirty Dancing, breaks silence on ex-fiancé Johnny Depp’s trial after calling him…
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