FOX5 Surprise Squad – Teen with down syndrome is rejected, but what a girl does is a huge surprise for all… Watch the video below…

When Kylie heard Daniel couldn’t find a companion for the dance, she stepped up. She received the biggest “thank you” ever as a result of her charity, and it was all caught on camera.

The homecoming dance is the highlight of the year for many 17-year-olds in high school.

Daniel Rivas, a Las Vegas resident, was also excited to attend the annual event. There was only one issue, though. He didn’t have a certain date.

Daniel, who has Down syndrome, had asked a girl out on a date, but she had turned him down. Thankfully, Kylie Fronius stepped in at that point.

Kylie stepped up when she heard her classmate needed date and invited him to homecoming.

She told Fox5 Las Vegas, “I don’t think of kids with disabilities as being different.”
“I see them as a regular person learning in a unique way.”

Tonya, Daniel’s mother, was both touched and taken aback by the girl’s generosity.

She explained, “It’s not about Daniel’s disabilities.”

“It’s Kylie who didn’t notice any handicap.” As a mother, that is what your heart desires.”

When Fox5 News learned about the tale, they highlighted the teenagers in a broadcast that captured the attention of hundreds of people.
“All you had to do was watch the news story you [Fox] aired, and you saw a young lady with a great heart, and she was motivating,” United Nissan’s Don Foreman said.

What the teenagers didn’t realize was that the station was also arranging a big surprise for them.

Monica Jackson, the host of the Fox5 Surprise Squad, greeted Kylie and Daniel on the night of their homecoming dance.
Jackson and the rest of the crew had prepared a series of surprises for the two kids to make the night one they would never forget. The company first dispatched a Rolls Royce so that the pair could arrive at the dance in style.

“Your tale has had such an impact on so many people,” Jackson told them.

The squad planned a dinner date at a high-end neighborhood eatery before the dance.
Tonya, Daniel’s mother, sobs as she reveals that she has never been able to afford to take her family there to eat.

When the youngsters arrive at the dance after their supper, they are surprised to see a red carpet waiting to greet them.
For a while, Daniel and Kylie dance to the music until the celebration is stopped. “We’re not done yet,” Jackson says as he walks onto the auditorium stage.

First, Jackson provides the teenagers and their families with two free Disneyland visits.

However, as you’ll see, the station was only getting started…
Fox’s incredible surprise has been viewed over 6.6 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube. Kylie’s kindness touches you right away, and the video only gets better from there.

“All I can see is that this girl was well-raised.” “May God bless her lovely heart.”

“In 54 years of existence, she has more class, moral fiber, and integrity than I have.” Her main flaw is that she made me cry.”

“Wow, this is incredible. With tears in my eyes, I watched this. More of this is needed in the world.”

Daniel and Kylie’s evening would have been magical anyway – but it was made much more so by a group of generous strangers.

Watch the video below to see the teens get the biggest surprises of their lives:

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FOX5 Surprise Squad – Teen with down syndrome is rejected, but what a girl does is a huge surprise for all… Watch the video below…
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