With a hilarious costume, an 84-year-old steals the show at a nursing home party… Check out the photos below for some fun…

Let’s face it: getting older is unavoidable. But who says you have to put your sense of humor and party shoes away just because you’re getting older? That was demonstrated by Staci Clemmer’s mother at a Halloween celebration at her elderly home.

When the event happened, the woman was 84 years old.

Staci’s video of her mother on Facebook, however, shows her dancing about the room in her costume as she did when she was younger. Surprisingly, her physical appearance hasn’t changed much. During the party, she can be seen wearing a gorgeous purple bikini and looking great in it. At least, that’s how it appears on the surface.

It turns out that it’s merely a humorous t-shirt upon closer investigation.
It provides the impression that Staci’s mother, at the age of 84, still has a chiseled beach body. We’ve all seen t-shirts like these before, with representations of faux muscular bodies complete with six-pack abs on them for males. These types of novelty tees are typically purchased by young obnoxious inebriated people. They are abundant in all of the beach souvenir shops. “F.B.I: Female Booty Inspector” or “Got Beer?” are among the slogans on them.

She understands how to have a good time even in her golden years.
“Halloween wishes!!! This is my Mother, who is 84 years old!!!! Have a good time!!!!! In the video description, Staci Clemmer says, “She’s having the time of her life!”

The fact that Staci’s mother owns one of these shirts, on the other hand, is incredibly amusing. We’ve never seen anyone her age wearing one of the phony bikini tops. It reflects her wonderful personality and sense of humor.

Her hair color added to the outrageousness of her Halloween costume.
To match the purple bikini, she wore a long neon-purple wig to the party. It’s technically possible that it’s her genuine hair that’s been colored purple. It’s difficult to say for sure, but wouldn’t that be insane? When their hair starts to gray, many women color it, but few opt for the full-on neon look.

Staci’s mother’s incredible dance movements were our favorite portion of the video.
She may have needed to use a walker to keep her balance while moving about the room, but it didn’t stop her from making a splash. The other seniors laughed as she swayed back and forth, pushing her hips and picking her legs up and down.

While many of the other residents dressed up for the celebration, it’s evident that Staci’s mother’s outfit was the nicest of them all. She really dominated the stage.

Everyone else on social media concurs. The video of the celebration has been viewed over 12 million times and liked by thousands of people all around the world since it was shared on Facebook.

This “beach babe” is an absolute inspiration, illustrating that you’re never too old to have fun and laugh at yourself. One can only wish to be as energetic as she is.

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With a hilarious costume, an 84-year-old steals the show at a nursing home party… Check out the photos below for some fun…
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