Millions of people have seen Aunt’s brilliant hack for distinguishing identical triplets apart… Watch the funny video below…

She’ll never again be confused!

When Amy Jo Hasselquist learned that her brother and his wife were expecting a child, she had no idea it would be three children, not one.

The boys were born at 29 weeks and spent three months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
They were identical triplets, which meant they were identical in appearance.

Crystal, her sister-in-law, was expecting triplets, bringing the family’s total to six people, as the couple also had an elder son.

Crystal began to wonder how she would be able to identify her babies apart after spending numerous hours in the NICU attempting to nurture them and give them the fortitude to fight for their lives.

So, after consulting with the nurses and observing what other parents did, she decided that color-coding would be an excellent way to distinguish her two kids.

“When Crystal was in the NICU with the babies for three months, she talked to the nurses a lot, and they shared a lot of different ways other multiple moms have color-coded their children to make sure they know who is who,” Hasselquist said.

She began by choosing a color for each baby at that moment. Henrik would wear blue, while James would wear green, and Thomas would wear red.

Since the triplets were brought home, everything has been color-coded, according to the proud aunt.
Everything from bottles to cribs, clothes, and blankets is available.

But what if there’s an emergency and the babies don’t have anything in their favorite hue with them?
They’ve figured out a way to deal with that as well.

The family has decided to paint each of the babies’ big toes in the color they have picked.

Even if the newborns remove their clothing, their families will be able to distinguish them.

The video quickly went viral, with over 16 million views as of today, and users adored it.

Amy, the pleased aunt who frequently posts videos of her nephews on TikTok, recently posted a video in which she demonstrated how TikTok users can distinguish between the two kids.
“I joined TikTok during the epidemic, like most others,” she continued, “so I thought it’d be fun to make humorous small movies with music, stuff like that, especially to share with other friends and family.”

Amy is overjoyed that people are enjoying her films of the triplets, and she intends to make more.

“I believe they’ve given everyone a chuckle. And we’ve persuaded the triplets’ grandparents to join TikTok so they can follow along with the videos, so yeah, we’re hoping to keep making them,” she said.

In the video below, Amy talks about the triplets and how they can tell them apart.

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Millions of people have seen Aunt’s brilliant hack for distinguishing identical triplets apart… Watch the funny video below…
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