These photos will make you hold your breath for a while…

A finished toilet paper roll, bees attacking your automobile, or a ruined supper are just a few examples of events that might boost your pulse rate. We’ve all had strange experiences, but it’s usually preferable to tackle them with a sense of humor than panic. You can see a few cases that make your heart race in the photos below:

1. Don’t worry, I’m equipped with a helmet.

2. My girlfriend’s hair clip came dangerously close to causing cardiac arrest.

3. Thank you so much. Perhaps later…

4. I’m not able to view this.

5. I’m going to forego my shower today.

6. Bon Appetit.

7. Is there such a thing as too close?

8. Reminder to self: Next time, check the toilet paper situation BEFORE sitting down.

9. It’s just another day.

10. For the guy on the right, it’s too real.

11. This was always my worst fear at the gym.

12. Cheeeeeeese!

13. We’re very confident carrying these things is governed by rules. And he’s breaking every single one of them.

14. There was an excessive amount of emotion in the game.

15. Run!

16. That’s not how it’s meant to work.

17. Invaders

18. A split second before the crash

19. This isn’t going to work, guys.

20. We’ve got a lot of questions.

21. It’s time to set fire to the house.

22. Few people would agree to have a shark as a pet.

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These photos will make you hold your breath for a while…
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