Barbara Streisand confessed that she is definitely proud of her son unlike the father… Read on to know why…

Barbra Streisand is a living legend in her own right. Her voice is adored all around the world, and she is adored by a large number of people. However, the actress has another responsibility in her life that many people overlook: motherhood.

Barbra Gould is a loving mother to her son Jason. She has demonstrated the unconditional love of a mother.

Barbra Streisand is well-known for her extraordinary abilities. She has a typical life away from the stage, which includes spoiling her only kid. On Mother’s Day, the pop princess tweeted a sweet photo of herself and her kid. The couple’s hands are interlaced as they smile for the camera.

Hundreds of photos of her and her son can be found on her Instagram page. Bringing their mother-son relationship to the attention of the public. Streisand isn’t afraid to show the world how close she and her son are.

Streisand had Jason while she was married to Elliot Gould. On December 29, 1966, he was born. He had known his parents were unusual since he was a child.

Jason was no stranger to celebrity. He gave an interview when he was older in which he revealed details about his childhood. He told the interviewer that he had known his parents were divorced for as long as he could remember. He claimed that following their divorce, he spent most of his time with his mother and so had a deeper relationship with her.

While his mother was more involved in his upbringing, he said he had a good relationship with his father.

His parents first met in 1962, while Streisand was auditioning for a Broadway job.

She had requested Gould to watch her audition for a play in which he was the lead actor, and she had urged him to do so. Gould, on the other hand, turned her down and said he’d see her if she won the part.

He was certain she’d get the part. When she eventually got the part, the two met and started dating. They married a year later and received their son, Jason Gould, in 1966.

The couple divorced in 1969, following which they went their separate ways for another two years. Jason was accustomed to celebrity despite his parents’ divorce.

Now that he has a growing music career, Jason Gould has carved out a fanbase of his own. The singer is openly gay, and while most people are aware of his sexual orientation, they are unsure exactly when he came out of the closet.

When he was eight years old, the singer realized he was gay. He explained that he was having a sleepover and that he hoped one of the boys with whom he shared the bed would touch him.

He described being gay as an alienating experience when he was younger because he felt alone. According to him, there weren’t many publically gay role models to look up to at the time.

Even after identifying as gay, he would occasionally have a crush on women, thus it took him a while to label himself gay.

He had his first gay sexual experience when he was 16 years old. However, he lived in secrecy for a long before finally coming out to his parents.

He came out to his parents individually when he was 21. He claimed that he felt his mother already knew his sexual orientation and that he didn’t need to elaborate.

His father, on the other hand, was a very another tale. He was taken aback and assumed it was just a phase his son was going through.

But, finally, his father realized that this was not a phase. He also accepted his son for who he was. Their friendship grew stronger as well.

His mother, on the other hand, was already a huge supporter. She wished for nothing more than for her son to be himself. “I would never wish for my son to be anything other than what he is, I have genuinely been blessed,” he once said.

Being the son of one of the world’s most renowned women attracts a great deal of media attention. To top it off, Jason’s own music career boosted his popularity even further. And, like any other well-known figure, he was occasionally linked to a scandal.

He was said to have married a male model in the past. He angrily refuted the rumors, claiming they had no validity in truth.

Jason, like his parents, is a performer, although he prefers to stay under the radar and avoids doing a lot of commercial work. He also doesn’t publicize everything he makes, preferring to keep it to himself because he isn’t looking for fame.

Perhaps his reluctance to fame stems from a childhood episode in which he and his parents were pursued by paparazzi. This is an experience he has frequently discussed because it is one he recalls well from his boyhood.

However, because he has worked with music producers such as Quincy Jones to release his songs, his mother’s celebrity is likely to have aided his music career.

He has suffered in the past when others befriended him in order to get closer to his mother, but he now claims to be a good judge of who is real and who isn’t.

He no longer has any qualms about being publicly identified with his mother, and he has even joined her on stage to perform with her.

This mother and son team has an unshakable relationship. Isn’t it true that a mother’s love for her kid is unconditional?

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Barbara Streisand confessed that she is definitely proud of her son unlike the father… Read on to know why…
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