A police officer receives a call from a toddler desperately needing help… Besides consoling her, the officer does this…

“She was just the prettiest little baby who tugged at my heart right away.”

Officers do everything they can to save lives and assist people.

They go above and above their responsibilities to ensure the safety of those in their care.

Lt. Brian Zach has been haunted by thoughts of a 13-month-old victim he was unable to save his entire life.

The incident occurred many years ago, but the recollections are as fresh as if they happened yesterday.

That sensation fueled his desire to improve his performance at work.

Lt. Brian received a call concerning the case of a 2-year-old girl while working a night shift.

Kaila was the one. Because of her significant bruises and injuries, she’d been rescued and reported.

Lt. Brian rushed to the child’s home as soon as he received the call.
He spent hours consoling the child there. They sat down to watch “Wreck-It Ralph” and color together.

Lt. Brian’s heart was touched by the child at that very time. He said in an interview with People:

“She was definitely the sweetest little kid who tugged at my heartstrings right away.” She would take my hand in hers and place it on her lap, where she would hold it and pet it.”

Kaila was taken to a hospital for treatment.
The police officer devised a strategy to transport her home while she was there. He informed his wife about Kaila as soon as he returned home. He emphasized his desire to bring her home and integrate her into their family.

It wasn’t a simple task.

They needed to make sure that donating their house to the little girl wouldn’t jeopardize their case. Lt. Brian’s children were also extremely cautious.

They were careful not to become too attached to Kaila because they didn’t know if she would be accepted into the family.

They were well aware that if she was taken from them, they would be crushed.
As a result, they merely tried to spend each week with her as best they could.

Kaila’s birth parents eventually decided not to be the best individuals to care for her.
This allowed Lt. Brian’s family to begin the process of adopting her.

He said in the same interview:

“We realized that this girl needed love and a family when her family didn’t step up or pass the standards to be a placement for her.”

Kaila was officially adopted by the couple.

In the video below, you can see Kaila’s beautiful adoption story:

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A police officer receives a call from a toddler desperately needing help… Besides consoling her, the officer does this…
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