Kristin Chenoweth’s adoption story will make you value the importance of having a family… Read on this inspiring life story below…

One of the most significant aspects of our lives is our relationship with our family. Kristin Chenoweth, actor, singer, and New York Times best-selling book, knows all about it. She was adopted when she was very little, and she and her adoptive parents have a very strong and wonderful bond. Her experience demonstrates the value of family, even when it is dissimilar.

Every family is special. So, we’re sharing this touching story to encourage you to cherish your special relationships with the people you care about.

Kristin Chenoweth was born in Oklahoma, but her birth mother decided to place her for adoption after she was born in order to provide her with a better life. She appeared to be heartbroken. Fortunately, she was adopted by Junie and Jerry Chenoweth when she was just 5 days old.

Kristin’s adoption had never been a secret throughout her childhood, and her parents had always discussed it freely with her as a child. “The lady who had you in her tummy couldn’t take care of you the way she wanted to, and she loved you so much,” they used to tell her. In fact, they always commemorated her “gotcha day,” which was 5 days after her birthday and marked the day she was adopted.

Adoption, she has stated, was one of the nicest things that ever happened to her. In reality, she feels thankful to have had a biological mother who saw she wasn’t ready to be a mother. “I understand how fortunate I am to have parents who unconditionally love and support me,” Kristin adds. The fact that they aren’t my biological parents has no bearing on their status as my parents.”

Kristin’s parents are likewise overjoyed to have her as a kid. “Man, did we win the lottery,” her father would usually say. “No, I won the lottery!” Kristin would respond.

Kristin’s mother used to say to her that her biological mother “given you life, but we get to give you life.” Her past, she believes, has made her a more compassionate person, capable of recognizing when others are abandoned or in distress.

Adopted families, Kristin believes, are lovely because they are chosen. She considers herself fortunate to have parents who decided to love and care for her in the absence of her birth mother. “I frequently say adoption is a full-circle blessing, and I genuinely believe it,” she says. We were not abandoned as adopted children; we were chosen.”

Kristin recognizes how adoption has affected who she is now and wants to spread the word about its benefits. “What will I do with my love today?” she wondered herself as she reflected on her history.

This is now the title of her children’s book, which depicts a young girl who adopts a homeless dog. The work is inspired in part by her own experience of being adopted. “Extra love in your heart and your home is waiting for somebody who is all alone,” she says, expressing her hope that the message of love in her book will encourage people.

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Kristin Chenoweth’s adoption story will make you value the importance of having a family… Read on this inspiring life story below…
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