A woman who died at the age of 97 reveals her famous recipe on her gravestone… Watch the video to learn more…

Names, birth dates, and death dates are commonly found on headstones. Kathryn Andrews, on the other hand, has a one-of-a-kind headstone that has her fudge recipe. The headstone, which is located in Logan Cemetery in Utah, has gained worldwide attention as a result of images uploaded on various social media sites.

Kathryn Johnson, also known as “Kay,” was Janice Johnson’s mother. “She genuinely loved people,” Janice Johnson stated.
Janice stated that whenever there was a get-together, she would write poetry and bring her famous fudge.

Wade Andrews, Kay’s first spouse, died in 2000. The couple’s headstone and the engravings on it give us a glimpse into their extraordinary life. Janice claimed that her mother was enamored with her father from the start. They met at a church function in New York City and were both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Wade was already a US Air Force Captain due to return to Europe when Kay went from Utah to New York to study fashion design. Kay and Wade had only one date planned: a dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Wade left for the war the next day, after a portrait of the two was taken by a hotel photographer.

Kay, then known as “Katie,” made a strong effect on Wade.

The crew had painted a naked lady on his B-24 aircraft when he initially obtained it. But, according to the man, the lady bought a swimsuit, and the picture was renamed “Salt Lake Katie.”

The pair wrote over a hundred letters to each other during their separation. When Wade’s responsibilities were completed, he traveled to Salt Lake City and proposed to Kay. Janice explained, “I took her to the Capitol steps and gave her the Diamond, and they were married 18 days later.”

Because their date at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and their journey to the Capitol Building in Utah took occurred at night, the pair had never seen each other in daylight until after their engagement. Kay and Wade married on December 18, 1944, and had five children together.

Wade Andrews obtained his Ph.D. in Sociology and became a professor, thus the Andrews family moved about a lot. They lived in Michigan, Ohio, and Colorado. They eventually made their home in Logan.

Janice described her mother as someone who was always concerned about people. The sweet lady even kept Tootsie Rolls in her purse in case she ran into any children who needed a little cheering up.

Kay had a deep religion as well. “She believed that praying was important. Janice stated, “She lived by that.”

Kay assisted Wade in selecting the images that will symbolize him on one side of the monument she now shares with him when he died in 2000. She decided she wanted her fudge recipe to be displayed there after her children suggested she deserve equal recognition.

Kay passed away in January 2019 at the age of 97, returning to her creator. She was well aware of the increasing popularity of her headstone before her death because it had been engraved there previously. She’s delighted it brought a smile to so many people’s faces.

Janice said the original headstone included a typo that called for one tablespoon of vanilla, which may produce “runny fudge,” but it was recently amended to one teaspoon.

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A woman who died at the age of 97 reveals her famous recipe on her gravestone… Watch the video to learn more…
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