The best dad of 7 children came up with some innovative baby hacks to help make life easier… Watch the video to see his life-hacks…

What a creative and loving parent he is, and he’s the appropriate father for this situation.

At times, life with a new infant might feel like a juggling act. There are diapers to change, bottles to make, and clothes to wash – all while attempting to keep the rest of the family operating smoothly.

But, if that’s the case, consider caring for FIVE new bundles of joy… That would necessitate a lot of juggling!

A couple from Idaho has firsthand experience with bringing home a set of quintuplets. Rather than being entirely overwhelmed by the chaos, Dad chose to be resourceful.

He came up with some innovative baby hacks to assist make life easier.
Chad has become a bit of a dad hero since publishing them on the internet. He devised a method for bottle feeding, changing clothes, and even modifying the family’s van to accommodate their children’s needs. He remakes them “Quint Hacks,” which is an appropriate title.

Chad and Amy, like many others, endured numerous devastating miscarriages while attempting to start a family. Unfortunately, they also lost a set of twins who were born at 22 weeks.

The Kempels, on the other hand, did not give up on their dream. They are now the delighted parents of seven children thanks to intrauterine insemination (IUI).

The couple was taken aback when they learned they were expecting quintuplets. But, because of their previous experiences, they were also concerned.

Chad says in the NowThis video:

“…every couple should be delighted and thrilled about that moment when the ultrasound appears on the screen, and not have their heads go exactly where our heads did.” “Oh no, this isn’t going to end well,” she says.

Fortunately, the end result was lovely.
Amy was able to safely carry her babies inside her for a total of 27 weeks. She had to have a C-section at that moment owing to medical considerations.

After a 73-day stay in the NICU, the five darling infants (two girls and three boys) were finally ready to return home.

Chad clarified: “All we did was look at each other and say, ‘We don’t own this house anymore.'” As a result, we handed everything up to the youngsters.”

This necessitated the removal of a large portion of their furnishings in order to build a “baby room” in their home. That’s not all, though. Chad wanted to discover helpful solutions to make things simpler for Amy because he had to leave for work at 4:00 a.m. every day.

Chad chose to concentrate on the most difficult tasks, such as feeding and dressing five infants.
The father devised a fantastic bottle-feeding method that allowed both babies to eat at the same time. On their YouTube channel, “Chad Kempel – Faith, Hope, and Chaos – Quint Hacks,” he even showed how he made it.

When their children were old enough to sit up and eat, Chad devised yet another brilliant solution.
He made a special table for their family, with a place for each infant.

Chad put a changing table on their truck to make traveling simpler.

“We hope our parent/parenting hacks, tips, blunders, and accomplishments make your life a bit simpler, whether you have singletons, twins, triplets, quadruplets/quads, quintuplets/quints, or sextuplets.”

Take a closer look at some of Chad’s amazing “Quint Hacks” in the video below!

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The best dad of 7 children came up with some innovative baby hacks to help make life easier… Watch the video to see his life-hacks…
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