A needy woman receives a free couch and discovers over $36,000 hidden inside… What she does is the most interesting part…

Life occasionally throws us curveballs that we are unsure how to handle. However, it is in these situations that our character is truly put to the test.

Vicky Umodu of Southern California recently had an event that not only demonstrated how excellent of a person she is, but also rewarded her for it!

Vicky Umodu was looking for items to fill her empty new home. She went to Craigslist to seek furniture and ended up looking at items that were being given away for free.

She explained, “I scrolled down and noticed free stuff.” “So I clicked on it, and the first thing that came up was this family who wanted to give a sofa and their entire bedroom set… I thought it might be a ruse, so I contacted them.”

She discovered that the advertisement was genuine. The person who placed the ad was liquidating goods owned by a loved one after their death and hence needed to find a new home for the furniture.

Umodu was overjoyed at her good fortune in being able to receive such nice furnishings for free. Later, when inspecting her new sofa, she noticed something unusual.

She noticed something in one of the sofa cushions that she couldn’t place. She assumed it was a heating pad at first, but when she noticed no cords coming out of the sofa, she dismissed that hypothesis.

She finally decided to take the cushion apart to discover what was within.

She found several envelopes of all sizes and colors inside. Thousands of dollars in cash were hidden within those envelopes.

“I just told my son, ‘Come, come, come!'” This is money, I was yelling! “I have to call the man,” Umodu responded.

When she called the family to inform them of her discovery, they informed her that money had been buried throughout the deceased man’s home. But that was nothing compared to what Umodu had uncovered. The family was baffled as to why the deceased man would hide money in his couch.

Umodu did not hesitate when it came to doing the right thing and knew she would return the money to the family. She had no expectations of anything in return.

However, Umodu’s generous relatives donated her $2,200 so she could purchase a new refrigerator. This was their method of expressing their gratitude to her.

“I wasn’t expecting a dime from him,” Umodu explained. She stated that she had never considered keeping the money for herself. “What can I ever expect from God?” she asked. “God has been nice to me and my children; they’re all alive and well, and I have three lovely grandkids.”

This is such a touching story! This is a nice reminder that when you have the proper intentions, good things will come to you.

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A needy woman receives a free couch and discovers over $36,000 hidden inside… What she does is the most interesting part…
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