This adorable speech by the groom’s autistic brother touches everyone’s heart… Watch the heart-melting video below…

Weddings have always been a significant event in the lives of couples. When a couple’s friends and family are present to enjoy the occasion, it’s even more precious. Since the people who have witnessed their love are present to celebrate their union, it has always been a joyful occasion.

One couple received a meaningful message from their best man in addition to a happy marriage.

He mentioned that his autism makes him nervous when interacting with others, particularly while giving a speech in front of 170 people. Many individuals expressed sympathy for the 23-year-old, yet they all smiled encouragingly. His brother was one of the audience members who stood out.

Jonah was the best brother, according to Sam.

“Being different is a great strength, not a weakness,” Jonah would remind him.

In his speech, he expresses his heartfelt emotions and mentions his brother’s wife, Maddy.
“You know, Maddy, that when I’m around a lot of people, I get quite uncomfortable and frightened…
I’ve never been like that around you before. Sam remarked, “You give me serenity.”

He’d even go so far as to say that Maddy has all the makings of a wonderful sister.

“You provide tranquility to everyone you come into contact with.” Maddy, I adore you.”

Everyone was moved to tears by his touching words.
It only became worse when he started talking about his brother again.

“Even as your younger sibling, you never looked down on me.” You helped me up and kept an eye out for me. “You always reminded me that being unique is a virtue, not a flaw,” Sam explained.

“You were, and are, patient and compassionate,” he continued. You accept me exactly as I am.”

He ended his address by praying for God’s blessing on the couple and toasting them with an old-fashioned Irish toast.

It was an absolutely amazing and heartfelt speech. His older brother couldn’t keep back his tears.

‘I couldn’t hold back the emotions of joy once he started speaking,’ Jonah said in an interview.

When Sam was just seven years old, he was diagnosed with autism. The siblings attended the same school, and his older brother Jonah was always willing to lend a hand.

“During the school day, he would come to visit me for help with a subject or to take a break,” Jonah recalled something.

Jonah was inspired to become a Special Education teacher after meeting Sam.
He first met Maddy at Wartburg College. Maddy and Sam hit it off right away when they met. They adore each other, which makes Jonah very happy.

He was even more proud of his brother for giving a speech in front of a crowd.

Sam worked on polishing his speech for two days. He felt like he wasn’t only speaking to his brother, but also to the autistic community as a whole.

He aspired to inspire others in the same way that his brother did.

“I felt like I was speaking out for the autism community and for everyone who has autism.” Sam was the one who shared.

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We hope that Sam and Jonah’s brotherly love and courage inspire others.

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This adorable speech by the groom’s autistic brother touches everyone’s heart… Watch the heart-melting video below…
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