A woman comes to a halt on the street to assist in the delivery of a stranger’s baby, and then her life is dramatically changed…

Stela stepped in to assist a pregnant mother she had never met in giving birth. But that was just the start of her generosity.

We’ve all heard the story of the Good Samaritan, but would we help a stranger if we were honest with ourselves? To be honest, doing the right thing isn’t always as simple or obvious in our daily lives. Feeling powerless in a world where we are continuously assaulted with grief and suffering around the world is often a reason we don’t help people who need it. That, however, was not an option for one restaurant owner.

A pregnant woman’s journey from Chile to Miami demonstrates exactly how powerful a mother can be.

When something life-threatening happened on the penultimate part of a woman’s travel from Chile to Miami, her journey was almost cut short. The wandering woman had been through hell and was about to face one final test. Surprisingly, the woman went through all of this while in the last stages of her pregnancy.

The expecting mother is Haitian and was traveling with her family from Chile to Florida.

Although the journey may seem unusual, many Haitian employees began looking for work in Chile after the 2010 earthquake. The journey would last three months and take them through 11 different nations.

The woman was robbed and injured several times on her journey.

The unfortunate woman had to go through a lot on her journey. She had been robbed several times and was damaged by the time she arrived in Miami. In fact, the pregnant woman started bleeding as she exited one of the last buses she planned to take.

Stela Niznik, a restaurant owner in the region, was just finishing her yoga session as the pregnant woman was walking in Miami.

“On my way to work on Monday morning, I spotted a car parked in the center of the road just after the Brickell-Downtown bridge. I noticed a pregnant woman, a man, a tiny girl, and an older lady after getting a closer look. The expectant woman was dressed in a garment with blood on her legs.”

Stela decided she needed to aid the woman very away if they were going to save the baby, so she called the authorities. It was going to happen smack in the center of the road if it was going to happen.

Stela (who co-owns Chicken & The Egg) got to work, grabbing towels from her car. She assisted in the delivery of the woman’s baby with the support of a 911 operator.

“On February 7, 2007, at 8:45 a.m., Mom and I delivered baby Darlie on a boardwalk in Downtown Miami.”

Now that the mother and her child are safe, Stela wants to assist her. They’ve set up a GoFundMe to help the family find a new home in America since then.

They’ve managed to raise over $30,000!

The GoFundMe campaign’s goal was to earn $30,000 to help the family pay their debts and start a new life in America. Despite how difficult it was, the hard effort and notoriety generated by the bizarre delivery actually benefitted! The GoFundMe is currently at $31,000 and is expected to rise!

The funds will be used to provide the family with a house, clothing, food, and medical expenses.
“Until we open a bank account for Darlie, the monies will be deposited into my account.” The money is known to the family, and I am now covering their payments until they open their own account.”

Stela believes she was destined to be there on that particular day, and the new mother believes she was placed there by God. Stela said in an interview with Local 10:

“There is undeniably a special bond… She unquestionably entered the world and made her first friend… I don’t believe it was a fluke that I happened to be there and that I occurred to stop.”

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A woman comes to a halt on the street to assist in the delivery of a stranger’s baby, and then her life is dramatically changed…
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