The young boy had to think woodworking is not fun and profitable until a tweet changed everything…

It turned out that his side hustle paid off handsomely.

An English 12-year-old, Gabriel Clark, appreciates woodworking as a pastime, which he describes as “quite unique.”

The youngster returned home one day, his face filled with despair. Later, he admitted to being “a bit down” to his father, Richard Clark.

According to him, his pals didn’t think he was cool because of his interest in carpentry. The fact that he only had six Instagram followers wasn’t helping either.

It was when he was three or four years old that Gabriel first developed an interest in woodworking. After receiving a hammer from his maternal grandmother Teresa McCann Clark, he hasn’t looked back.

That has always been a big interest of mine. I’ve educated myself everything there is to know about it.”

In the same way that any father would feel, Richard was heartbroken by this news. Watching his darling son struggle to fit in was heartbreaking for him.

As a result, in an effort to assist his kid, Richard took to Twitter.
He tweeted on March 25 that he had a 12-year-old who likes woodworking. The money he earns from selling the bowls and cutting boards he makes on his lathe goes toward buying a mountain bike. You can follow him on Instagram at @clarkie woodwork, so if you’d like to help him out, please do so. Please feel free to share and retweet! Thank you in advance!”

The Clark family had no idea what was in store for them when they started their Facebook page. Gabriel currently has over 259,00 Instagram followers!

‘Dad, could you put something on your Instagram or Twitter?’ I requested. “My son is a little depressed,” he wrote in a tweet. Is there anything you can do to show your support for him?’ “And then it took off like wildfire,” the gifted youngster recalled.

On top of that, he had 20,000 orders placed for his handmade bowls! Surely this is beyond comprehension.
It would, however, take the youngster 32 years to complete all of the orders. Even with all of his other schoolwork, it was nearly impossible for him to do so.

Instead of completing all of the orders, he decided to give back to the community.

As a result, Gabriel created a unique bowl in favor of Ukraine.
He made a bowl of beechwood with a blue and yellow ring to represent Ukraine’s national colors.

This young man’s motivation was simple: “I want to know that what I do in my own life might help other youngsters.”

After that, the Clark family set a goal of £5,000 ($6,420) for Save the Children’s Ukraine appeal on a Just Giving page.

Their Just Giving page reads as follows: There is little doubt that the country is in dire straits, and Gabriel believes that he may return some of the kindness shown to him to those who are in much greater need.

However, donations poured in like rain. A total of 14,153 donors have contributed £254,678 to the fundraising effort.

In less than a week, a 12-year-old boy raised more than $250,000 for a good cause. It’s incredible!

On April 17th, a donor by the name of Renuka Chapman won the Ukraine bowl drawing. It was decided to extend the fundraising period because additional people were still showing an interest in contributing.

Teresa added, “The most important thing about Gabriel is that he has a really, really huge heart.” “More than anything else, he’s got a large heart,” said one person of his many admirers.
It’s hard to put into words how incredible this young man’s ability and heart are.

A lot of affection is due to the boy!

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The young boy had to think woodworking is not fun and profitable until a tweet changed everything…
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