It is hard to believe how a courageous kid saves her mom from an attacker… Watch the brave girl in action below…

No matter what age you are, you can be a hero.

That’s exactly what one small girl in Florida proved when she rushed to her mother’s aid during a terrifying incident. Journee Nelson, 9, displayed incredible bravery when she battled off an alleged robber who attempted to steal her mother’s pocketbook.

The West Palm Beach Police Department is now honoring her for her efforts.

Her bravery was captured on film. It also showed Journee taking matters into her own hands in order to save her mother, Danielle Mobley.

Journee’s mother is thrown to the ground.

As the mother and daughter were loading goods into their car, the alleged robber made his move. The man was attempting to rob her, she told the cops. “The purse was a source of contention between us.” “He threw me to the ground,” – According to Danielle Mobley,

Journee is seen hitting the guy in the face on surveillance video. He retaliated by slamming her to the ground and dropping her purse before fleeing. The journey had not yet come to an end…

She leaped to her feet and ran after him for five blocks. – New on WPTV “I responded. Journee explained, “I had to save my mother.”

Chief Frank Adderley of the West Palm Beach Police Department presented Journee with a certificate and medal for her fast thinking and rapid action.

At a press conference following the attack, Chief Adderley praised Journee for her courage. Her bravery and boldness wowed him greatly. “Normally, I’d advise against confronting someone in such a way, but things happen in the heat of the moment.”

She kicked him in the face right in the middle of the film, and he clearly wasn’t expecting it. Her actions were perfectly timed in this particular occasion, and I believe she hit him very hard.” For more information, please see:

Looks like she could be a future police officer based on her actions on security camera footage. During her tour of the police station, she appears relaxed and at ease.

She was able to go along on a motorcycle and pose for pictures with law enforcement officers. Everything is clear from the beaming grin on her face.

See the amazing little hero in action in the clip below:

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It is hard to believe how a courageous kid saves her mom from an attacker… Watch the brave girl in action below…
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