To protect his 3-year-old human, a cat took a bullet…

Dogs are famed for saving the day – and sometimes the lives of their owners – but what about cats? Cats can also be heroes.

In fact, when a stray gunshot penetrated a family’s window, Opie the cat took the bullet himself, saving his 3-year-old human from harm.

According to Fox 8 News, Angelica Snipe’s peaceful night was shattered this past Thursday when a bullet came through the glass of her home, dangerously close to where her child was resting on the couch.

She raced over to see how he was doing and discovered him soundly sleeping, but her cat, Opie, was splayed on the floor. Angelica was aware that Opie had been shot.

Angelica feels her child would have been struck instead if her cat hadn’t been around. When the vet asked if she wanted to put Opie to sleep, Angelica declined.

After Opie had saved her son’s life, she was determined to repay his gratitude.

“I was desperate to save him.” Because he was my son’s little hero, I need to keep him around.” Angelica told Fox 8 News about her experience.

Opie isn’t the only brave cat out there. Cats, like the one that awoke her family in the middle of the night to stop an invader, or the cat who won an award for the most heroic… dog, may save the day just as well as dogs. Be wary, dogs. Cats, too, are capable of self-defense.

Both Opie’s bravery and his family’s determination to keep him alive and fight despite his injuries were inspiring. Hopefully, Opie will make a full recovery and spend a long time with his tiny person.

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To protect his 3-year-old human, a cat took a bullet…
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