This senior cat has her own mom after living with 30 other cats and going through a lot…

Toni, a 13-year-old cat, was recently rescued from a hoarder. Toni’s prior residence is unknown to anyone, although she has a lot of oddities that indicate she did not have an easy life. Toni has been through a lot, but she’s finally found her place in the world.

When Toni was rescued and taken in by a local shelter, she was covered in wounds and scratches, most likely from battles with other animals in her prior home. She slept with her paws covering her eyes since she was kept in a condition where the lights were never turned off. The senior cat was out of sorts, and all she seemed to want to do was find a quiet place to spend her golden years.

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe rescued Toni from a nearby shelter where she was surrounded by hundreds of other rescue cats and kittens. Because of her past, Toni disliked living with so many other animals, and she would hiss and scamper if one approached her. Toni had only been there for a few days when she was discovered by her new mother.

“I visited her on her third day there, and I could see she was quite uncomfortable with 30 other cats roaming around,” Toni’s adoptive mom, Erin Weaver, told The Dodo. “As soon as she got at my property and realized there were no other animals nearby, I could feel her relax immensely.”

Toni was in love with her new home the moment she arrived, but she fell unwell. She caught an upper respiratory infection and began having problems with one of her eyes almost immediately. Her mother and the veterinarian did everything they could to help her, but due to her lack of medical training, pinpointing exactly what was wrong was difficult.

Toni’s cornea ultimately burst, and the veterinarians were forced to remove her eye. Toni recovered for a few days and was overjoyed as soon as she felt well. Toni felt like she’d been reborn as a cat after an unexpected spurt of energy. She felt SO much better now that her eye was gone, and she could appreciate her new life much more.

Weaver added, “She’s now a spoiled one-eyed cat.” “She was discharged from the hospital the same day as her surgery and hasn’t stopped purring since.”

Toni is now the queen of her own home, and she enjoys the fact that she no longer has to share her mother with anybody else. She has a number of strange behaviors, like only drinking tap water, collecting trash and storing it in a corner of her house, and always requiring her mother to support her back paws. Her mother complies with all of her demands because she adores her and wants her to enjoy the rest of her life.

“She doesn’t act like a 13-year-old now that she’s recovered from her surgery,” Weaver added. “It’s amazing since she doesn’t seem to mind having one eye.” She continues to play with her toys as she did before, and she does not appear to be restricted in any way.”

Toni has had a long and terrible existence, but now that she has a home and a mother of her own, she is enjoying it and doesn’t mind if she comes across as spoiled. She is, after all, well deserving of it.

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This senior cat has her own mom after living with 30 other cats and going through a lot…
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