A driver was astounded to learn why the trash bag in the road was moving… Watch the video to find out…

Malissa Sergent Lewis didn’t expect to save a life on her way to work last week. But that is just what she did.

Lewis was rushing late for work at a Kentucky elementary school on Thursday morning, so she took a back road shortcut instead. Despite her haste, Lewis noticed something startlingly unusual while walking down that quiet country road.

“Did that bag move just now?’ As I drove by this rubbish bag on the road, I wondered. “I noticed it was moving as I got closer,” she told The Dodo. “I had trouble understanding that.” I knew there was something alive within that sack, and I wanted to get it out.”

Lewis’ phone footage captures the helpless critter limping toward her approaching car.

Lewis approached the sack with caution, unsure whether it held a potentially dangerous animal. Regardless, she volunteered to help.

“I carefully tore a portion and peered inside the bag since it was knotted,” she explained. “Of course, it was a puppy.” And seeing me made him ecstatic. As soon as I opened it and he saw light, he began wagging his tail. He was certain of his ability. “What I was hearing astounded me.”

Lewis elected to bring the puppy with her because he wore a collar but no tag indicating where he came from. After all, she was still late for work.

“I just put him in my lap and drove to school,” she explained. “I couldn’t bear leaving him in the car, so I brought him inside.” When the principal spotted me, he exclaimed, “You have a dog!” I explained, ‘It’s a long story.’

It’s unknown whether the puppy was abandoned by his owner or if someone else took him and placed him there. Officials are investigating, but Lewis believes it was done on purpose, and that he would have died if she hadn’t been lucky enough to see him in time.

“Who in their right mind would harm an animal like that?” “Putting an animal, any animal, in a garbage bag and discarding it along the side of the road is a horrible act,” she remarked. They were pursuing evil goals.”

Fortunately, the puppy found someone who could help him not only at that time but for the remainder of his life.

After only a few days, Lewis and her family had built a bond with the small dog she had rescued. He’s even been given the nickname Hefty, which alludes to the circumstances of his unintentional discovery.

For him, things are starting to look up.

Watch the incredible rescue video below for more info:

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A driver was astounded to learn why the trash bag in the road was moving… Watch the video to find out…
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