Although this dog was buried alive, she managed to survive and begin a new life…

A healthy German Shepherd dog manages to escape his tomb after receiving a fatal injection and being buried asleep.

Kira, seven years old, was injected with a lethal medication in her paw by cruel owners. Despite the fact that the animal was still breathing, they simply buried it near the road.

However, the German Shepherd eventually made it to the surface and was able to wander to the nearest major road. Olga, a 39-year-old motorist, observed the dog there. She couldn’t pass it up as an animal lover.

The woman reversed her car and scooped up the puppy, who was completely weary and lying on the side of the road in the pouring rain at the time.

Olga fed Kira and took her to the “Good City” zoo rehabilitation center, which is 150 kilometers from where she found the shepherd.

Volunteers were able to find down the dog’s owners and speak with them via social media.

Kira’s former owners believed their cat was unwell and opted to put her to sleep, according to animal rights campaigners. They did this by injecting the animal with a medicine that would kill her.

Kira’s veterinarian, on the other hand, found no significant illnesses in her. The owners were most likely trying to get rid of the dog in this manner. Meanwhile, advocates claim that the brave Kira has found a new home and a loving family who will properly care for her.

The dog is thriving better than ever thanks to its strong survival instinct and disregard for the vehicle. “Kira was able to start a new life because to Olga,” the “Good City” leader added.

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Although this dog was buried alive, she managed to survive and begin a new life…
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