A smart cat meows loudly until a help comes to her 83-year-old owner…

A quick-thinking cat is credited with saving his 83-year-old owner’s life. The clever feline continued to meow until the rescuers found the woman, who had fallen into a 70-foot gorge in Cornwall, England.

After noticing the senior woman had been absent for several hours, concerned neighbors called the authorities. The search was launched after a rescue squad from the Bodmin Police arrived on the spot. They soon received assistance from an unexpected source. A passerby alerted the authorities after hearing a cat meow loudly nearby.

Piran, the missing woman’s feline companion, turned out to be the persistent cat. His owner was saved in time thanks to him. The 83-year-old woman was discovered in good health despite falling down a ravine and becoming trapped there owing to “very difficult access and uneven terrain,” according to BBC News.

The senior lady was eventually rescued by the fire department and carried to the hospital on a stretcher. Despite the fact that she was unharmed and is in “excellent spirits,” the woman will be kept under medical supervision for a few more days.

Bodin Police posted on Facebook, “Officers from Bodmin were entrusted with conducting a search for a missing 83-year-old woman. ” “A member of the public discovered the female after noticing her cat meowing in the corner of a vast maize field near her home address. The elderly woman had fallen 70 feet down a steep hillside with extremely poor access and uneven ground.”

Piran was later credited with the rescue by the police department. The cops posted on Facebook, “Piran the cat saved the day!” The courageous cat was also praised by neighbors and witnesses for saving the 83-year-old lady. One of the witnesses told BBC News, “It’s a tremendous “well done” to all the emergency services who worked together and to Piran.” “Things could have gone a lot worse.”

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A smart cat meows loudly until a help comes to her 83-year-old owner…
No one believed this cat woud live with that syndrome… Watch the video to see the unique story about his survival…