This sick cat is locked in carrier for most of his life…

Samuel, an unfortunate cat that arrived at the BARC animal shelter in Houston, Texas a few years ago, was clearly in desperate need of assistance. Samuel was very emaciated as a result of spending his entire life in a cage.

He also had mange, which caused him to close his eyes. Samuel was also suffering from a variety of other health issues, and the doctors were considering euthanizing him.

However, just hours before the procedure, a BARC employee decided to photograph Samuel and put it online. Leslie Raines, a veterinarian, realized an opportunity as soon as the image went viral.

“Someone sent a photo of a scrawny cat with the FIV virus. Raines adds, “He looked horrible, but I tried finding rescue groups who would nurture him.”

Fortunately, a rescue organization named Save A Purrfect Cat agreed to take the stray cat and picked him up from BARC. And with that, Samuel was given a second chance at life!

The cat was immediately transferred to Raines’ clinic, where he had a comprehensive examination. Even Raines could see that the cat’s health was far worse than she had anticipated, yet she refused to give up.

The veterinarian brought the cat home and treated him for all of his ailments. Samuel began to acclimate to his new life and surroundings after a few days. Raines claimed that he had to relearn how to be a cat, but he eventually succeeded.

Samuel’s wounds had almost completely healed a few months later. He developed into a handsome, strong cat who no longer resembles the previous cat.

Raines began seeking a new home for Samuel after a year. She understood he needed a special home because of his circumstances, and despite the fact that many people were interested, she wasn’t pleased. That is until she met Bryan Smith, a man who had recently lost his beloved cat and was in need of a new kitten.

Samuel and Bryan hit it off right away, something Raines was happy to see. She was still worried, but as she realized Samuel liked Bryan, she felt she’d made the correct choice.

Samuel has been living with Bryan for nearly a year, and things have been going swimmingly. He enjoys his new life and has settled in quickly. Samuel is deserving of love and respect after everything he has been through.

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