Photo proofs that cats can sleep and walk wherever they want… Check out the photos for some fun…

Cats are water! Even scientists agree and have demonstrated this. Cats, according to this year’s Ig Nobel Laureate in Physics, can be both solid and liquid at the same time because they can adapt to the shape of their container. They can not only squeeze into the smallest of spaces, but they also know how to find the finest resting spot. They will jump into sinks, flower pots, little boxes, and a variety of other objects to demonstrate that they are liquids.

We love their extraordinary capacity to fit into even the tiniest of spaces, thus we’ve gathered several photographs of cats that can transform into the liquid to fill a small container and flow freely, just like water. We’re confident that these adorable and amusing photographs will melt your heart! Scroll down to see the photographs and vote for your favorites.

1. Rich kitty of Istanbul

2. “I can hardly breathe because my new mask covers my nose so well!”

3. This horse has a fantastic fur hat. Just a moment…

4. “She refuses to utilize another box no matter how big she gets.”

5. “He didn’t seem to mind; he slept the entire time.”

6. “Do not, under any circumstances, water this plant.”

7. “Screw your personal space,” my cat says.

8. Cat-friendly…

9. “They’ve discovered the ideal ‘look at you from afar’ position.”

10. “This is my new chin-up bar.”

11. “I began unpacking my suitcase, left to make a cup of coffee, and returned to see this!”

12. “There are three luxury cat beds, one teepee with a fleece blanket, and a variety of other sleeping configurations, but Roy will only sleep here.”

13. “She’s not supposed to be on the kitchen counter, but I assume she discovered a way around it.”

14. “Why do you have so many toys when you have me?”

15. A purring barbell is number fifteen.

16. “Auto-cat-pilot”

17. If you enjoy sleeping on your father’s computer:

18. “This is how my cat Messi sleeps.” I believe he is damaged.”

19. “To conserve space, we removed this shelf from our mini-fridge, and my cat enjoys resting on it.”

20. “There will be no more bread today.”

21. “He sleeps on this fence all the time.”

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Photo proofs that cats can sleep and walk wherever they want… Check out the photos for some fun…
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