10+ cats deserving a medal thanks to their distinctive appearance…

All cats are fascinating in their own way, but in this piece, we’d like to highlight some feline ambassadors who have a unique appearance that sets them apart from the crowd. You’ll find it difficult to believe that the unusual patterns and markings on these cats are real and not manipulated once you see them.

1. Here’s Scrappy a cat with vitiligo

2. He seems to never get enough sleep

3. Bowie has a blip, various colored eyes, and an ink-dipped tail, and he’s chunky. He’s almost purrfect.

4. “I’m freaked out because my cat has lips.”

5. The fur of a warrior-cat with a sword design.

6. Did you specifically want an unnaturally long tail?

7. One eye is yellow and the other is Sauron, and this gorgeous cat was just taken into the shelter.

8. “Stache has eagerly awaited my arrival.”

9. Curly was found hungry, mangy, and with serious ear infections and mites by animal care workers. He’s the biggest cat in the home now, with the softest fur, after 6 months.

10. “My cat’s eyes are like worlds.”

11. One note: it’s not a squirrel.

12. “My cat’s toe beans alternate in color.”

13. “Instead of eyebrows, my cat has flamingos.”

14. “Marble fur is on my cat, Alice.”

15. “The whiskers on my friend’s cat are incredible.”

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10+ cats deserving a medal thanks to their distinctive appearance…
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