Pickles the Cat lost a leg after firecrackers were tied to her paw…

Pickles, a vulnerable young cat from McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, lost her left front limb after firecrackers were wrapped to her paw with elastic bands and set off. The injured cat was seen walking around on the damaged, bloodied limb by two nice Samaritans. They rushed her to Humane Animal Rescue for treatment.

Pickles’ paw had become infected and filled with maggots, so Humane Animal Rescue veterinarians had no alternative but to amputate her entire limb. Officials at the rescue suspected the offender committed this heinous act on or around July 4th, based on how the wound had begun to heal.

“There wasn’t really much paw left,” said Jamie Wilson, Director of Medical Business at the animal protection charity, describing Pickles’ terrible situation. “What remained was barely held together by elastic bands. Her bone was exposed, and she was dehydrated to the point of death. So she wouldn’t become sick, I had to stop her from eating and drinking too soon.”

Pickles is anticipated to make a full recovery and will be available for adoption soon, according to rescue officials. We are delighted to learn that Pickles has been adopted by Scott and Megan, a Shadyside couple. Pickles, congrats!! We’re confident she’ll receive all the extra attention she deserves.

However, in order for the story to be completely joyful, the person who committed this horrible act of cruelty must be brought to justice as soon as possible to prevent them from harming another animal — or a human.

Watch the touching adoption video below:

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Pickles the Cat lost a leg after firecrackers were tied to her paw…
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