The cat entered the church to participate in a special event…

Junior is an adorable stray cat who recently migrated into So Sebastio Parish in the town of Atibaia, Brazil, and has decided to spend the rest of his life there.

No one knows where Junior came from, but he definitely thinks himself to be a significant figure and has decided to make the church his home.

All he knows is that as soon as he enters the church, devotees begin stuffing his tummy with delectable snacks and drinks. They even sing divine praises and exaltations to him. Of course, he admires the devotees’ efforts and gratefully receives their praise.

Junior always remembers to give his “fans” what they desire. Junior frequently wanders the aisles during services to play or rest. If he’s in a good mood, he’ll take a nap on one of the lucky people’s laps.

So Sebastio Parish said, “He always goes to mass.”

On the other hand, Junior wanted to do something special for his fans one day. He sat in the front row to listen to the priest’s sermon. He was pleased because he believed the sermon was almost entirely about how wonderful he is.

Junior may be incorrect about what “his” supporters are actually there for, but their affection for him is genuine. They are grateful for his presence and regard him as a divine gift.

Osvaldo Boracini, the church’s head, has looked after him since the day he arrived. Even if the cat isn’t the tiny deity he imagines himself to be, he has contributed something great to the church.

All animals on this planet are true angels sent by God to teach humans about true love and how to be decent people. They will love you wholeheartedly and strive to make humans happy, regardless of who you are.

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The cat entered the church to participate in a special event…
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