The cat with a rare condition is finally happy to be adopted with his best friend…

Toby, an 8-year-old kitten with feline cutaneous asthenia (FCA), a disease in which a cat’s skin is exceedingly sensitive, loose, and easily damaged, is also known in humans as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. This disease gives the feline a distinct and eye-catching appearance.

When Georgina and her fiancé Christopher Lardner came upon Toby, he was curled up in a corner of the shelter, shivering behind his best friend, another kitten named Quinton. This did not stop the couple from falling in love with the shy, gorgeous kitten.

“It could indicate that your body isn’t making enough collagen.” It does not heal as quickly as it should, but it does recover.” says Georgina.

“I saw them on the RSPCA website and immediately fell in love with them.” When we met them, they were both terrified and huddled in the rear. Toby remained hidden behind Quinton throughout. I couldn’t even touch them because they were so afraid.”

When they arrived at the shelter, both kittens were in bad shape. Quinton lost all of his teeth, and Toby lost a few as well. Kittens stayed together all of the time. That’s when the shelter realized they needed each other right now and needed to find a home together.

The instant Georgina saw their sad little faces, she knew she’d take them home together. The couple completed the paperwork and welcomed them into their household. For the first few weeks, Toby sought safety with his brother in a hole in their new house.

She continued, saying:

“We will always take care of them and provide them all the love and security they need.”

Toby felt safe in Quinton’s company and followed him everywhere. As Quinton became more comfortable in his new circumstances, Toby began to emerge from his shell. He gradually began to explore the region, but always under the watchful eye of his best friend and protector.

Georgina explained, “They wouldn’t let us out unless we were gone or sleeping, so we had to feed them beneath the bed.” They grew to trust us gradually, but it was a long process.”

Toby gradually became more at ease in his new surroundings. As a result, he began to seek out his new parents’ attention and even received embraces one day. When Georgina was in the kitchen, Toby would rush in to see what she was up to and wait for some treats.

Georgina continues:

“It’s a lot of fun and quite lively.” It’s amazing to see how much the unhappy, fearful child we adopted has changed.”

“Quinton is a big brother who keeps an eye out for Toby, cleans up after him when he’s hurt and gets Dad up for breakfast. They wait by the window for us to arrive, then race to the door as soon as they see us. They’re quite energetic and entertaining. They infuse the atmosphere with vitality.”

Quinton went away two years ago, but his family remembers him as the most perfect angel that ever lived. Every day, the cat demonstrates how intelligent, attentive, and empathetic animals can be.

Toby, on the other hand, needs special attention on a regular basis due to his sickness.

Georgina continues: “We try to deal with it by cutting his nails, keeping the house clean, and staying away from scratches.” We consider ourselves quite fortunate because Toby’s condition appears to be quite minor.”

Toby’s story, Georgina and Christopher hope, will help raise awareness about his strange ailment and encourage people to adopt special-needs cats.

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The cat with a rare condition is finally happy to be adopted with his best friend…
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