These kittens were seeking for a place at least to spend the cold times… Read on to know if they succeeded…

A pair of gorgeous and delicate kittens wandered into a house’s garden in search of the help they needed to get through the cold winter; thankfully, they found the right family to help them.

A woman in Montreal, Canada, discovered two kittens wandering about her neighborhood without their mother. The woman searched the area for more kittens but was unsuccessful.

She decided to keep a watch on the kittens all afternoon while waiting for the feline mother to return for her babies.

When night fell and the two children were still unclaimed, the compassionate woman decided to help them.

So she made a makeshift shelter in the garden, lined it with a blanket, and gave them water and food, which they devoured in a matter of seconds.

She was quite aware of the babies that night, as well as the possibility of the mother cat returning, but neither of these things happened.

The next day, the woman awoke to find the two kittens curled up on the blanket; their mother was still missing, and they were not welcome in the neighborhood.

She picked up the kittens and carried them home because it was evident that they had been abandoned.

After getting them inside, the woman sought assistance from Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a local rescue organization.

A shelter member, Celine Crom, said:

“The mother secured the kittens, nursed them, and kept them warm before we took them in.”

Sirius and Celestin were the brothers’ names, and they seemed happy to be getting the attention and love they needed to survive.

The two boys began their new life as indoor cats with a very loving foster home after being carried to the vet.

Celine explained:

“At first, the kittens were wary, but they quickly became interested and began playing.”

At six weeks old, the kittens would not have survived the cold Canadian winter, but they did not have to because of the timely rescue.

Since they arrived at their new home, the brothers have been inseparable; they do everything together and never lose sight of one another; they also enjoy other cats.

Celine explained:

“They purr in bed with their owners and spring in the morning together.” They crave attention and begin purring as soon as they are stroked.”

They are never alone when resting because they are frequently seen cuddling one other in different spots. The two kittens are constantly together; they have formed a wonderful and nearly unbreakable brotherly bond.

The most surprising thing is that they not only look alike, but also have similar personalities, but Celestin is clearly the boss.

Celestin is in control of food and toys, while Sirius simply lets him do his thing and obediently follows in his footsteps.

Because the two kittens are so close, the rescuers are looking for an adoptive home where they may live together.

In addition, Celine stated:

“The kittens are doing well and are looking for a forever home to love them both.”

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These kittens were seeking for a place at least to spend the cold times… Read on to know if they succeeded…
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