This cat insists on embracing other cats after being rescued… Check out the photos to know why…

A kitten that sought a better life at a veterinary institution learned to give hugs to everyone, especially his feline companions. The kid had been rescued by the Arlington Animal Welfare League. He struggled with a variety of issues while in the Kitten College program: he didn’t eat well, standing was difficult for him, and he didn’t gain weight as expected.

They decided to seek assistance from the Veterinary Clinic Nova Cat Clinic in Arlington, Virginia, for the tiny furry’s voyage.

This veterinary practice’s Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Fund specializes in helping very ill kittens.

As a result, this was the ideal location to help the small animal with his health problems, allowing him to resume his usual existence.

A veterinary technician at the Clinic, Ellen Carozza, said:

“We noticed he had a slight systemic ailment for which our vets prescribed medicine after we did our basic admitting test and blood work.”

Despite his various health problems, the young child was quite lovable and was given the name Quark, which is a quantum physics subatomic particle.

The doctors wanted to know what was causing his balance problems, so they kept testing him until they discovered the truth.

Quark had feline cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disease that causes trouble with balance, according to veterinarians.

According to Ellen,

“We also saw that it showed the hallmarks of cerebellar hypoplasia” (where the cerebellum does not develop properly due to a number of problems). This illness does not necessitate any special treatment for cats. They are quite normal in their own eyes!”

Quark’s shaky legs don’t stop him from embracing life to the fullest; he’s continually devising new methods to discover the world.

According to Ellen,

“We try to keep him in a secure environment so he doesn’t be hurt if he wobbles and falls.”

Quark has always been a loving cat that prefers to be surrounded by caresses and blankets because it helps him feel protected.

When the clinic staff noticed this, they decided to wrap him in a blanket and carry him around to satisfy his need for hugs.

Heather, his adoptive mother, spends the majority of the day carrying him in her pocket while assisting all of the staff with patient care.

During this routine, Quark met Eggbert, a magnificent cat who was a graduate of the clinic’s rescue program and who was able to transfer the kid.

To help him feel more loved, the feline soon cuddled up to him and began to caress his fluffy stomach. Eggbert wasn’t bothered by the tiny guy’s arrival; in fact, he was happy to share a nap with him.

After meeting another cat named Elvis, Quark decided that he, too, deserved a big hug and a lot of affection.

Elvis is a hero of the rescue program, providing blood transfusions for injured cats and saving many lives.

The small kitten wrapped his body around his new companion and placed his head on Elvis’ to give him a complete and well-deserved embrace.

Quark does not forget about her profession when she comes home to her host family, and she immediately seeks out Smudge to lavish him with care.

Smudge, a resident cat of 18 years, is often showered with Quark’s kisses and stuffed with love.

According to Ellen,

“Smudge attempts to ignore their antics while ‘tolerating’ their existence.”

Apart from his affinity for hugs, Quark has a few peculiarities: he prefers to fly with his legs raised and to be blanketed like a donkey.

His host family bought him a plush fish to keep him company and ensure that he never feels lonely.

According to Ellen,

“Quark is just a contented cat.” He is awestruck by the universe and wants that more people could comprehend how a cat with motor limitations enjoys life just as much as a cat without them.”

Quark is appealing and has shown that, like any other cat, he, too, can be adopted because his behavior and presence would brighten up any home.

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This cat insists on embracing other cats after being rescued… Check out the photos to know why…
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