A monkey snatches fruits and receives shocking punishment…

This was the tragic sight for one monkey who had become the laughingstock of the neighborhood. This tragedy occurred in Mumbai, India, in February 2016, but it doesn’t make it any less tragic.

According to local residents, this monkey, along with others, caused havoc in the village by stealing food and ruining for-sale cushions, according to AFP. Residents protested to local officials, who hired a professional monkey catcher to capture the creature.

Instead of calmly resolving the conflict, the monkey was severely punished. He was caught and had his arms and feet bound with nylon cords. As if it wasn’t bad enough, a mob gathered around him and ridiculed him in his anguish.

Officials from Mumbai’s Maharashtra Forest Department planned to set him up with a new life in the countryside, far away from the city which he had frightened with his antics.

“We’ll make sure it’s suitable, and once it is, we’ll release him on the outskirts of Thane,” a Maharashtra Forest Department employee told AFP.

Even though the monkey is now free, protected, and away from people for good, nothing will ever make up for the humiliation he endured. Share this story if you sympathize with his pain and disagree with his treatment.

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A monkey snatches fruits and receives shocking punishment…
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