The touching story of “Britain’s fattest cat,” who was returned to shelter four times…

Meet Mitzi, a loving cat looking for the same thing every other cat does: a forever home. Her tiny dream, however, appears to be difficult to realize when she returned to the shelter four times.

When she was eight years old, the stray cat arrived at Woodside Animal Sanctuary in Plymouth, Devon. She was a stray cat on the streets, but she was huge, weighing around 17 pounds at the time. The animal sanctuary’s staff suspected that she was being fed by many people. “She seemed to be very good at adopting people, like all cats,” shelter manager Helen Lecointe told the BBC. “No one owned her, but she was fed by everyone.”

Mitzi became acquainted with the shelter’s personnel after she had settled in and felt protected. In trying to find her a home, the shelter shared a photo of her on Facebook with the caption: “Mitzi, the fattest cat we have ever had in?…Probably!”

Mitzi was quickly dubbed “Britain’s fattest stray cat” in publications throughout the country after the photo went viral. People from all around the world applied to adopt Mitzi after that.

Woodside Animal Sanctuary, on the other hand, wanted to locate a local adopter for Mitzi because they were concerned that she might be stressed if she had to go too far. Finally, a local woman agreed to foster Mitzi and give her a new home.

Mitzi’s new owner was unable to maintain her due to a change in circumstances. So she was returned to the shelter, where she was quickly adopted by another family. Mitzi’s second owner, though, became ill and returned her to the facility. Mitzi, the unfortunate cat, waited patiently for a new loving home. “It’s highly unusual for a cat to be returned this many times,” Lecointe explained.

Mitzi then moved in with her third owner, who helped her lose weight and whom she adored. Mitzi dropped from 17 pounds to 11 pounds throughout her time with this owner. Unfortunately, her owner died. The heartbroken cat returned to the shelter in search of a new permanent home.

Thankfully, Mitzi was adopted last month by one of the third owner’s relatives. The person stated that after Mitzi’s owner died, they wanted to adopt her but couldn’t because of their rental home — but that’s all changed now. They are relocating and wish to provide Mitzi with a happy home. “We had bids from the United States, Sweden, and the Middle East,” Lecointe said.

Mitzi has had a difficult few years, but she has found a wonderful permanent home where she may live out her days. This adorable cat is deserving of a wonderful life! Lecointe described her as “such a sweet kitty.” “We sincerely hope she’s found her happily ever after.”

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The touching story of “Britain’s fattest cat,” who was returned to shelter four times…
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