The shelter initiates “the world’s worst cat” get adopted by posting the a hilariously honest description…

Perdita is a 4-year-old domestic shorthair that was surrendered to Mitchell County Animal Rescue in North Carolina following the death of her owner. When the shelter owners first saw her, they felt they would have a hard time finding her a home. Perdita was a bully who refused to make friends with anyone. People are also terrified of her because of her grumpy appearance and nasty nature.

When things were tough for the personnel at the shelter and Perdita, an unconventional ad came to their rescue. They decided to be more imaginative because standard methods failed to assist the unhappy cat find a home. Instead of using flowery language in her advertisement, they created this leaflet with a straightforward description. Honesty is the best policy for them. And, happily, the advertisement worked, even exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Here is the hilarious ad posted on Facebook

Despite the shelter’s less-than-flattering depiction of Perdita’s conduct, the ad went viral and drew attention from all around the world. Many adoption applications were received at the shelter, and the staff deliberated long and hard over how best to assist the cat in finding a suitable home. The ad not only found a loving home for this cranky cat, but it also made her a celebrity.

While some people were amused by the cat adoption ad, others sympathized with Perdita. Everyone believes the terrible cat is confused and upset after losing her owner and being moved to a strange new house. Others in the comments described their experiences with shelter cats who turned out to be nice and affectionate friends. They believe Perdita will experience the same fate.

Perdita was adopted, and the shelter provided the following update:

We are relieved to learn that grouchy cat Perdita has found a wonderful home and loving owners.

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The shelter initiates “the world’s worst cat” get adopted by posting the a hilariously honest description…
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