The kind kitty shows newly rescued kitten how to cat… Watch the adorable mentoring video below…

Cats are frequently thought of as independent, lonely creatures who can live purrfectly well on their own, but a good friend never hurts! Finding a vibrant playmate for your young cat, especially if you have a lot of energy to burn, is a fantastic way to make both of them happy while also giving yourself some serenity.

Indy the ginger tabby had tried for two years to persuade his feline brother Santi to play with him, but to no avail. The white cat was simply too “old” for Indy’s antics and preferred to be left alone at all times.

Indy was desperate, and his life was turned completely upside down when Chewie the rescue kitten joined their household.

Chewie and Indy get along swimmingly and are practically inseparable. Chewie has had to learn to adapt to his new VIP indoor life as a sick kitten born on the street, and Indy has been nothing but a pawfect tutor for his newly adopted baby sibling.

Big brother has taught his younger sister a lot of interesting cat stuff. Because Indy is so athletic, the first thing he thought of was how to manage his favorite green ball, and it’s safe to predict that Chewie will be a superb goalkeeper in no time!

Chewie also learns to jump extremely high, use the cat doors, and comb his tail while their hooman holds it under Indy’s passionate guidance.

They even like to snuggle in strange places… Isn’t it lovely?

Chewie, on the other hand, is far from being an Indy number two, and he retains his unique characteristics. For instance, every time his owner climbs the stairs, he sprints ahead and waits for him…

…or the way he switches to black panther mode when confronted with a hefty chunk of meat!

Isn’t Chewie adorable? In the video below, you can see him in action:

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The kind kitty shows newly rescued kitten how to cat… Watch the adorable mentoring video below…
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