The cat was just tired of all and decided to take the initiative herself…

When a man returned home one day to find an uninvited visitor lounging in his favorite chair, it was just another typical day. He had no idea that leaving his window open would result in such a daring break-and-entry attempt. As the audacious invader peered back at him bravely, he took out his cellphone to collect picture evidence of the incident.

“When I got home from work, there was this little fluff chillin’ in my house.” Nigeltown wrote, “He must have come in through an open window.” “I’m not a cat person.”

The beautiful and magnificent Nigeltown dashed to the grocery store to get some cat food since the friendly tabby kitten was “meowing like crazy.” “Lil gato was so thrilled!” he said. He was purring and meowing as he ate.”

Nigeltown noticed that his new houseguest lacked a collar, but he decided to scour the neighborhood for an owner just in case. None of his neighbors have cats, and none have lately seen a pregnant mama or litter of kittens in the neighborhood.

Nigeltown had left the kitty home alone to do his quest, and he was furious!

Nigeltown took the little fluf to the veterinarian the next day. They looked for a microchip but were unable to locate one. Fleas and intestinal parasites, however, were discovered. Nigeltown had his new friend inoculated and bought meds to get rid of the bugs.

The “gato” felt like a million bucks once he was free of his parasitic hitchhikers! When Nigeltown isn’t “tearing around the room like a demon cat,” he sits “on or around” his newly adopted human, according to Nigeltown!

Before getting too involved, Nigeltown did a final survey of his area to make sure no one had gone missing with a mischievous tabby kitten.

Nigeltown decided to make their relationship official when no one claimed or even recognized the little stowaway! Buddy was the kitten’s name, and he was invited to remain forever! “My Buddy guy adopted me,” Nigeltown wrote.

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The cat was just tired of all and decided to take the initiative herself…
“No nightmare, mommy’s here”… Watch the sweet video of the cat calming her kitten below…