The caring pet owner built an elevator for his elder cat… Watch the video to see how it works…

Liam Thompson, a popular YouTuber from Auckland, New Zealand, came up with a fantastic concept for all pet lovers when he built a customized cat stair elevator to enable his old feline to get up and down the stair with ease.

Thompson demonstrated how he built the cat stair elevator for his 20-year-old kitten Frodo in a YouTube video. Frodo, he claims, has a morning habit of descending the steep outdoor stairs to his preferred poolside stunning location.

The fluffy kitty would climb back up the stairs after roughly 10 minutes of sunshine to spend the rest of the day inside the house. Climbing up and down the stairs every morning has become a tiring effort for Frodo as he grows older.

Thompson created a cat stair elevator to make it easier for Frodo to reach his favorite reclining location. The entire process, which included planning, building, testing, and updating, was described by the DIY expert. Thompson’s incredible creation consists of two primary components: a track and a cart. Thompson made the track by cutting small pieces of wood in his workshop. To create the track, he fastened the strips of wood to a set of sliding door rails.

He built the platform for the cart out of plywood pieces. He attached the cart to an electric hoist, which would lower or lift the platform with the push of a button, after inserting the track and cart into the left side of the staircase. Thompson substituted a plush toy for Frodo during the initial testing.

Thompson continued updating the bespoke cat stair elevator after a successful test before Frodo could utilize it. By completing the sides of the cart, he ensured Frodo’s safety. Of course, the device must resemble Frodo’s regal appearance. Thompson completed the project by trimming, sanding, and painting it to make it as attractive as possible.

Thompson took four days to complete the project. The moment of truth arrives when Frodo must finally put it to the test. So, how was the ride for the senior cat? Although he may not appear overjoyed, it is clear that the custom stair elevator has made his life considerably easier.

Watch the video to see how it works:

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The caring pet owner built an elevator for his elder cat… Watch the video to see how it works…
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