You will get amazed by the transformation and story of this sick stray cat…

Reading about stray animals being left on the streets and having to survive in appalling situations is upsetting. But, happily, there are many wonderful people eager to assist them and provide them with a home in which they can entirely transform and grow.

That is the story of Dinah, a stray cat that was previously abandoned on the streets but now has a loving home.

Dinah, who was in horrible shape and attempting to survive alone on the streets of LA, was seen by a lovely girl named Molly Sotak.

Molly contacted the Stray Cat Alliance, who agreed to care for Dinah because she was sick and needed a vet.

“She was like a skeleton. Molly said, “I suppose I was keeping an eye on her for about four or five days before I was able to catch her.”

Dinah was quickly picked up by the volunteers and sent to the veterinarian.

“Well, it’s fleas and flea dirt on her face!” Fleas had infected her entire body. She is malnourished, dehydrated, and suffering from a serious upper respiratory infection as well as painful ulcers on her tongue, all of which are calicivirus-related.

It’s no surprise she can’t eat because of her congestion and ulcers. Dinah is now receiving flea medication, antibiotics, and IV fluids, according to the Stray Cat Alliance on Instagram.

Thankfully, the kitten recovered swiftly and was adopted by a loving family. Rebecca Schneider, her new owner, adopted her and gave her a fresh start. Dinah is now a contented and healthy cat that enjoys cuddling and playing.

We are relieved to learn that he is living the life he deserves.

Dinah is now a fearless and self-assured feline!

“She’s a fluffy little clown who never fails to make us giggle.” She enjoys playing and following us around the home. She enjoys ‘assisting’ with household tasks such as making the bed and filling the dishwasher. She enjoys watching TV with us and wants to be a part of everything that is going on.”

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You will get amazed by the transformation and story of this sick stray cat…
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