The shelter cat is a hero for saving a wild baby bobcat’s life…

Smuckers was the name of our furry hero. He was extremely brave in sacrificing his life to help a sick baby bobcat. The tale rapidly went viral on the internet, with thousands of people praising his actions.

Fiona, a bobcat, was discovered in a family’s barn in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. The family rushed her to the Douglas Animal Hospital and sought assistance from the Atlantic Wildlife Institute. She was barely conscious.

“She was seizing from hypoglycemia, and she was so hypothermic that her temperature wouldn’t even produce a reading on the thermometer,” Atlantic Wildlife Institue wrote on Facebook.

Douglas Animals Hospital’s vets worked fast to save her from death’s scythe. They warmed her up and put heat discs on her feet. Our poor bobcat was still in critical condition a day later. The vets assessed that she would require a blood transfusion to have any chance of survival.

According to the vets, on admittance, her organs began to fail her because she was dehydrated, cold, hungry, an anemic, and low blood count.

The employees of the Atlantic Wildlife Institute sought assistance from a nearby animal shelter, the Fredericton SPCA, and were provided some donor cats for the blood testing. Smuckers was the only company that checked every box.

“To assure their health, donor cats undergo a physical examination and a thorough blood panel. They’re then cross-matched to make sure they’re the same blood type as the person receiving the blood.

They must also be under the age of eight, weigh more than 4.5 kilograms, and be neutered. Smuckers ticked all the boxes!” Douglas Animal Hospital commented on their Facebook page.

When the vet drew the blood, our hero, Smuckers, appeared to be quite compliant.

When the vet placed the needle into his body, he lay motionless and unresponsive. The experts also indicated that taking 60 ml of blood is safe given Smucker’s size.

Smucker received excellent treatment from the veterinarians after being blooded. Fiona was given blood over a four-hour period and was carefully checked to ensure she didn’t have a reaction to the donor blood.

Both of them are now living happily in their separate homes.

Fiona had recovered completely, and Smuckers was doing well at the Fredericton SPCA. Smuckers deserves a million kudos for his brave act.

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The shelter cat is a hero for saving a wild baby bobcat’s life…
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