The man stops for a shaking kitten and finds out her toes are glued on the road…

On his way to work, Silverton, Oregon resident Chuck Hawley noticed something in the middle of the road. He assumed it was a box that had blown into the road as he watched other cars drive over it, but as he came closer, he realized the truth was much more frightening.

He noticed a little kitten that was terrified and shaking. He reached for it, only to discover it was stuck to the road. He couldn’t believe someone would do something like that.

Chuck carefully peeled her off the road and rushed the kitten to a local shelter because he knew he had to act quickly or the poor creature would be hit by a vehicle. The staff looked after the kitten and used mineral oil to remove the rubber cement from its fur.

They discovered puncture wounds on the 5-week-old kitten’s neck after a thorough examination. Chuck filed a police report once the wounds were treated. Everyone wanted the individual who committed the heinous atrocity to be brought to justice.

Surprisingly, the little kitten ended up being a big hero. She had survived the ordeal and was eager to start over. Just around the corner, another miracle awaited this gorgeous rescue cat.

Chuck and his wife were excited to welcome the kitten into their home. Sticky the Kitty was her name, and she was given a forever home. Sticky is adjusting to life with Chuck, his wife, and their two dogs, but we have a feeling she’ll be just fine!

We are still saddened by what this tiny cat has gone through, but we are also relieved that she has found her forever home and that her tale has a happy conclusion. A valuable life was saved because of Chuck, who cared enough to stop and aid.

Watch his cute video below:

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The man stops for a shaking kitten and finds out her toes are glued on the road…
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