This poor stray cat was hiding from her foster mom for a year… Watch the video below to know how they befriended…

Gia Puffs, the cat, was used to living in the wild and disliked being around people. In fact, she spent a year hiding from her foster mother. A toy wand, on the other hand, taught the shy cat that being touched was a lovely thing.

And it was only because of Gia’s foster mother Stacia’s patience, understanding, and love that she discovered this lovely fact. Gia’s journey to becoming a foster failure and finding happiness in her forever home began over a year ago when the rest of the world was quarantined in their houses…

Stacia believed it was the purrfect time to foster a cat while lockdowns were implemented to halt the spread of the coronavirus. The two weeks, as we all know, went on and on. Gia Puffs, on the other hand, was satisfied to hide beneath couches and in hiding places throughout Stacia’s house.

“Gia wasn’t trying to be my friend,” said Stacia. As she jumped to the highest perch she could find, the terrified tuxedo cat hissed and growled at her foster mom. That view point was above the restroom mirror. Gia tried to sleep on high since she was so determined to keep to herself.

However, napping on such a perilous position caused her to fall, so Stacia propped up a cozy cat bed on the sink to catch her. This was only one of Stacia’s many acts to reassure Gia that she was protected.

Gia, on the other hand, was not convinced. Stacia went about her business in the house to show Gia everything was fine, but if she approached, the shy tux would “bristle.”

No amount of snacks inducement could persuade Gia to try friendliness, no matter how many different meals or goodies Stacia tried. Gia was given the snacks on the end of a long wooden spoon by the kind foster mother, so there would be no accidental contact. Gia, on the other hand, was not having it.

“How afraid she was and how she didn’t realize she was finally secure was terrible.”

Gia took up home beneath Stacia’s couch and lived there for the next ten months, despite her foster mother’s best efforts to persuade her that everything was fine. She tried every piece of advise she could get her hands on, but it didn’t work.

Gia, however, was captured on the kitten cam playing her heart out in the nighttime hours while Stacia slept. The quiet and fearful cat had vanished, replaced with a joyful feline who would pounce and frolic. Stacia wished Gia could be this safe and content all of the time, but the former feral continued to hide during the day, leaving Stacia feeling “hopeless.”

However, a message from New York City’s Little Wanderers Cat Rescue altered everything.

When Stacia was introduced to Susie, a cat enthusiast, things began to change as a result of the Cat Whisperer’s advice and practices. Susie had Stacia first block all access to Gia’s hiding locations. The kitty was not pleased, so she took up residence on the window ledge. Gia was able to accept life in the open after switching to the ledge, and she was encouraged to taste some chicken baby food from the long wooden spoon.

Susie kept supporting Stacia throughout the spoon-feeding process. Gia, on the other hand, eventually realized that she enjoyed the treatment.

Stacia began playing with Gia using a wand toy. The hopeful cat mom began to pet her budding companion with the wand as the sessions progressed. Gia approved, and Stacia was free to begin stroking Ms. Puffs with her hand slowly but steadily.

Susie continued to coach Gia, and Stacia continued to work with her on a regular basis. There were some nerve-wracking moments for Gia, but in the end, she embraced her housecat job with gusto. She was eating, playing, and even purring when sitting on the couch rather than under it. Stacia was instantly enamored with a lap kitty!

“She is one of the most lovable and loving cats I’ve ever met,” Stacia remarked of her new feline BFF. “All she required was time, patience, and unconditional love.” And Stacia had all that to give and more!

As Stacia quickly discovered, Gia was an expert at biscuit making, which worked out well because she enjoys assisting baker Stacia in the preparation of her delectable treats. And it was evident that after purrfecting their friendship recipe, this fostering scenario would become a permanent one.

The story of Gia and Stacia is unique in that it teaches us never to lose up on love. And now their love is destined to last a lifetime.

Watch the video to know full story:

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This poor stray cat was hiding from her foster mom for a year… Watch the video below to know how they befriended…
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