After being tossed from a car window, an Amazon driver rescues the cat… Watch the video below to know the full story…

Amazon delivery drivers do more than simply deliver products to consumers. They’re also heroes to abandoned kitties! After being thrown from a moving car window onto a busy highway, a young black cat can count herself lucky thanks to a kind-hearted Amazon delivery worker.

The unnamed driver saw a person in the car ahead of him throw the cat out of the vehicle at the junction of Franklin Avenue and 46th Street in Des Moines, Iowa. He pulled over right away to save the day. The kitten went into the driver’s arms when he offered refuge. The young one was subsequently handed to Lori Sandahl, the owner of Iowa Pet Foods and Seascapes in West Des Moines, who received her with open arms.

It’s difficult to believe that someone could be so heartless as to throw a kitten out of a car, but cats do not always receive the care and respect they deserve. But, fortunately for this little black cat, she survived the abuse and has now been given a second shot at a permanent home where she will never have to fear for her safety. Since the Amazon delivery driver left her in Lori’s care, she’s been purring.

“She’s just full of life, purring from the moment she arrived through the front door,” Lori told KCCI Des Moines 8.

“She is aware that she is in a secure environment.”

The kitten was found to be healthy after a vet examination. And, miraculously, she suffered no injuries as a result of being tossed into traffic. The kitten was not only healthy and undamaged, but she also had a good appetite and couldn’t stop purring, according to Lori. “She’s in good shape,” to put it simply.

The lucky little black cat is also housetrained and has no trouble using a litter box. Despite her ordeal, she’s a lovable feline!

“She’s definitely been handled a lot. “The way she’s rubbing on me, loving on me,” Lori explained. “There isn’t any hostility or anything.”

“She’s a cuddler who also understands how to manipulate the camera,” KCCI correspondent Andrew Mollenbeck said of the cat lovebug.

She certainly does! Lori’s kitten adored, snuggled, and made eyes at the camera during the interview.

After a little downtime, this beautiful kitty will be ready for adoption, and Lori expects she’ll find her forever home quickly because “she’s eager for lap time and snuggle time.”

This brave little cat made it through her ordeal thanks to the goodwill of an Amazon delivery driver. And now, after being ruthlessly abandoned, she’s been given a second chance at happiness.

Watch the video below to know the full story:

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After being tossed from a car window, an Amazon driver rescues the cat… Watch the video below to know the full story…
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