This cat went missing, but soon returned dragging his hind legs…

A lady let her beloved cat out one night like she did every evening. The adorable cat returns home after a stroll around the neighborhood, but it hasn’t been seen since that night.

The woman looked about for the missing cat, but it was nowhere to be found. Imagine her surprise when Alex reappeared four days later, dragging his legs behind him.

Amber Smith took Alex in when he was only 7 weeks old. Two years later, the cat became a member of their family. She was heartbroken when Alex left. Her boyfriend and she looked for him in the area and screamed out his name.

Alex, on the other hand, was yet to be found.

Four days later, Amber’s boyfriend was getting ready to walk their 12-year-old Labrador. He happened to glance out the window while preparing and noticed Alex standing on his front legs!

He gently took the cat from the ground and placed it on the sofa, surprised.

Alex, it turned out, was not bothered in the least. The fur on his hind legs was scraped, so he must have dragged himself a great distance. He was also quite frail and lacked bladder control. The cat ate and then fell asleep, obviously exhausted.

In the morning, they took him to the veterinarian. Surprisingly, a gunshot was stuck in the cat’s spine! The only option was to have the bullet removed, but the surgery and accompanying recovery would have been prohibitively costly.

Amber chose to euthanize the cat since she lacked the financial means to do so. She sat stroking his fur and connecting with her pet for hours. Alex was euthanized that night and buried in a nearby yard.

Police are investigating this bizarre case but have yet to come up with any leads. Amber is perplexed as to why Alex, who was so polite and sweet, would be harmed.

She and her partner are offering a reward to anyone who can assist them in locating the thief. We hope this strange case is solved soon so Amber and her family can get back to living their lives.

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This cat went missing, but soon returned dragging his hind legs…
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