A vet woman discovered a kitten with huge “glass” eyes and found out how unique he is…

Cats’ massive, gleaming eyes are one of those forms of dark magic we can’t explain or resist, yet who wouldn’t fall for them?

Our hero, Porg, is a cat with extraordinarily large eyes. He had been put in a cardboard box on the side of the road and was in bad shape.

Fortunately, because of the kindness and patience of wonderful people, he recovered quickly and is now a happy, healthy, and affectionate cat who adores his new home.

Read Porg’s tale and follow his recovery path by scrolling down!

Porg was called after a creature from Star Wars with a similar appearance to him.

Porg was brought to the veterinarian in a poor state.

A client of Porg’s discovered him abandoned in a cardboard box. Porg’s owner is a veterinarian. Porg, all thin and terribly hurt with a massive wound around his neck, was inside the ragged cardboard on the porch.

Sher assumed it was the result of past trauma and abuse, and she couldn’t help but bring him to the local emergency hospital veterinarian, who sewed up his wound.

The next day, she took Porg in for a full examination, and everyone at the vet was smitten with him! Porg was a spunky and furious furball, despite his little, 1.3-pound frame. His owner, on the other hand, was completely smitten with the small feline and couldn’t say no to her client’s offer to help Porg get back in shape. He returned home that day and became a permanent member of the family.

His unnaturally large eyes, as well as other physical traits such as his smaller lower jaw, made him stand out among other cats, although he appeared to be in good health overall.

She quickly discovered, however, that he was not your typical cat: his tendency of combing or scratching his ears or neck resulted in enormous recurring tears in his skin, which is not typical of a kitten.

So, in addition to treating his scratchings with medications, she obtained a skin sample to determine the source of the problem. Sadly, it confirmed her suspicions that Porg had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, often known as feline skin fragility syndrome.

It’s a genetic illness that causes the skin to be more elastic and sensitive than it should be, making it prone to tears. This is unique in cats, and his fragility is one of the reasons he’s been dubbed “glass kitten.”

Porg was quite lively and fun once he recovered from his earlier wounds, despite his condition. His family loves him dearly and spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to keep his skin healthy and safe.

It was a difficult task, but they eventually came up with a routine that Porg was able to stick to and do admirably!

He normally wears clothing to avoid scratching his skin.

Clothing plays an important part in protecting his skin. His owners were continuously on the lookout for clothes that fit him well, provided adequate coverage, and were both comfortable and cute!

Porg also suffers from lens luxations, a condition in which the eye lens dislocates. Lens luxations have been discovered in certain cats with Elhers Danlos Syndrome. Porg’s eyes are currently well-managed with daily eye drops, as painful as they may be.

Porg and his veterinarian owner

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A vet woman discovered a kitten with huge “glass” eyes and found out how unique he is…
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