This cat has an Internet phenomenon with his unusual appearance and the most original name…

Meet Ikiru, an exotic shorthair boy cat who lives in Yorkshire, England with his parents, Rich and Emma. After his parents posted images of him on social media, he became an Internet phenomenon.

His dangling tongue and distinctive visage have endeared him to the Internet. Some of his facial expressions are so odd that many people believe he is mentally ill.

“Ikiru is in great shape, and our vet said he had the greatest teeth she’s ever seen,” Rich and Emma explained. “Exotic shorthairs have a slightly chubby face, but he’s quite active and in excellent form.” He doesn’t always have his tongue hanging out, believe it or not, but it appears to be a habit of his that results in some entertaining facial expressions.”

Rich and Emma claim that they fell in love with Ikiru at first sight after seeing his adorable images on a cat breeder’s website. They agreed to pay him a visit and take him home at that time. They then set up an Instagram account to capture and share his daily activities with the rest of the globe.

“In the best way, he’s sweet, affectionate, and grouchy. Ikiru is also a lot of fun to be around. He has a peculiar habit of tunneling and hiding beneath objects such as blankets or sheets of paper, or peering at you upside down from the corner of a room.”

He was called after a Kurosawa film, and the Japanese word “ikiru” means “to live” or “alive.” He enjoys lying on his back and causing mischief.

Rich and Emma had no idea that their cat would become viral. “We get messages from all around the world telling us how much his crazy faces, sweetness, and personality make them smile. He also inspires fan art, with some incredible pictures that perfectly represent his cheeky personality.”

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This cat has an Internet phenomenon with his unusual appearance and the most original name…
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