This 18-year-old cat gets upset when his sweater is taken off, and the reason will just melt your heart…

For individuals who have never owned a cat, all cats may appear to be the same and have the same personality. On the other hand, everybody who has ever lived with a cat knows how unique and distinct each cat’s personality is.

Meet Steve, an 18-year-old cat who recently became famous. One of this little guy’s most striking and unusual features is that he enjoys wearing sweaters. Yes, you didn’t hear it incorrectly.
Steve is, in our opinion, one of the most fascinating stories regarding cats’ many personalities. Take a look at it below and tell us what you think of Gidypet.

Steve’s human mother was contacted to learn more about him. “I’ve owned Steve since he was around 8 weeks old,” the owner explained. “I was 12 years old at the time, and my family and I were living in Phoenix, Arizona.” “Because he was destined to be hers, my parents went with my little sister to choose a kitten from a family friend’s cat.” The last phase didn’t go as planned—he was kept in a separate room for the first few days so he could get to know our older cat. He was always crying, and I’d sneak in to console him since I was in such a bad mood.”

It’s as though they were destined to be together. “To make a long story short, he developed feelings for me, much to my sister’s dismay” (though we later got a dog and she was thrilled since she likes dogs much more than cats.) For my birthday a few years later, she sent me an old scrawled ‘contract’ claiming that he was ‘officially’ mine. Steve and I have lived 18 wonderful years together since then,” Steve’s mother informed us.

We were quite curious to discover more about Steve’s personality. “He’s got a lot of personalities,” the proprietor said. He is a really affectionate individual. When I’m laying down, he likes to clamber up into my arms and chest so I can hold him while we nap or read. He’s always grooming me, particularly around my brow and the sides/back of my neck.”

It turns out that Steve has separation anxiety. The owner explained, “He’s been on Prozac before to help manage it while I’ve been away on internships since he stops eating otherwise.” “At the same time, he’s a demanding prima donna who will yell at me if he’s upset.”

“He’s a chatty guy who likes to talk back to me when he wants something if I say something to him.” He’s also the oddest—sloppy he’s and rolls off the bed when stretching, will consume any plant he can get his hands on, tries to roll in bleach, likes to lick deodorant and paint, and drools with delight when you scratch just the right spot between his ears,” the owner added.

Now, let’s confront the elephant in the room and discuss a little more about this sweater love. “I noticed he likes to wear sweaters during the drive from Phoenix to New Jersey,” the owner explained. “I went out with the furniture a month before he did, while he stayed with my parents, so I could get things settled/unpacked and he wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of a cross-country move.” I picked up the sweater before I left to ensure he’d be comfortable on the voyage and in his carrier till he got at my flat in early February because he was going out with my closest buddy.”

At first, Steve was not a fan. “He didn’t like it at first, but by the time he landed, he was happy to wear it.” As an arthritic old desert cat, I’m sure it feels lovely on his stiff bones. “I don’t keep him in it in the summer because it’s too hot,” the owner noted, “but once the weather cools down, it’s his third favorite thing, after his heated bed and my heated blanket.”

And if you take a sweater from him, you must replace it right away! ” He doesn’t mind if it’s removed at first, but if it’s not replaced immediately, he’ll weep and moan for hours. “As soon as it comes back on,” Steve’s mother predicted, “he’ll settle down and curl up to sleep.”

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This 18-year-old cat gets upset when his sweater is taken off, and the reason will just melt your heart…
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