The mother claims that her son’s cat saved his life, and it is a miracle…

If it hadn’t been for the activities of the 12-year-old boy’s cat, a mother from Canada may have been preparing her son’s funeral.

Owen Peters, Dawn Peters’ son, had complained about stomach ache and constipation just a few weeks before. Owen maintained he was merely suffering from the flu.

Peters was recovering from pneumonia at the time and chose to stay at home on April 25, leaving Owen and his feline companion, Ratchet, to snooze in bed together.

She subsequently discovered something weird when she awoke from her snooze for no apparent cause.

“Have you ever woken up and had no idea where you were? I awoke from that kind of sleep and wondered, ‘Why am I awake?’ On the phone, Peters stated.

“I turn around to see his cat sitting motionless in the middle of the living room, staring at me.” ‘What the hell is going on here?’ I think as I stand there looking. ‘What is it about me that he is staring at?’ And I began to feel frightened.”

Ratchet rushed alongside her to the bedroom as she went to check on Owen, but the cat remained in the doorway.

“So I’m like, ‘That’s not good,’ and the cat won’t be joining me in the bedroom.” So I go in, stand at the foot of the bed, and ask about his pain, and he’s moving around, appearing really uneasy… “He’s pointing at his lower abdomen,” Peters explained.

The two then went to a walk-in clinic, where Owen was evaluated and referred to Battlefords Union Hospital.

Peters claimed that after a CT scan, she was told that they would have to operate to locate the problem.

When medical personnel was pushing fluids into Owen prior to surgery, which verified that his appendix had ruptured, Peters realized the gravity of the situation.

After the successful operation, she was informed of this by the surgeon.

“They claimed it was a race to see if they could kill him by sedating him or if they waited too long when they were putting the fluids in… The surgeon added, ‘If you’d come in any later, we may be having a completely different conversation.’

Peters recalled something.

Owen was held in the hospital until April 28th, when he was constantly monitored by the medical team.

Doctors and nurses constantly inquired about Owen’s quick arrival at the hospital, according to Peters. “Everyone is asking, ‘How did you figure it out?'” says the narrator. “To tell you the truth, the cat woke me up,” Peters said.

“His cat, who adores him to the point of obsession, sleeps with him… They spend their time in bed. Owen joins him in playing video games. He is adored by that colossal feline.”

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The mother claims that her son’s cat saved his life, and it is a miracle…
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