The little dog doesn’t let his owner post adoption announcement for the rescue kitten… Check out this touching story below…

When Yesenia DelaCueva rescued a little kitten, she was hesitant to give it a name.

She reasoned that naming the charming little stray who had already taken up residence in her heart would make it impossible for her to let it go.

And she was absolutely correct!

DelaCueva, a California native, noticed the stray one day while traveling home from work.

She initially assumed that someone had tossed an old t-shirt on the street, but something persuaded her to pull over and investigate further.

And she undoubtedly saved a life in the process.

Because the “t-shirt” turned out to be a stray dog in desperate need of assistance.

The flea-infested kitten walked with a terrible limp.

DelaCueva’s heart broke for the small girl as she saw the kitten drag her leg behind her as she walked.

DelaCueva then took the cat home with her, giving the flea-infested kitten a wash before snuggling her into bed.

DelaCueva now had to decide what to do next.

DelaCueva took the unfortunate kitten in her arms and put her in a blanket. The little cat didn’t object, probably because she realized she was finally protected.

DelaCueva had never owned a cat before, and she was preparing to relocate to the east coast, so adopting a small kitten was not in the cards.

Despite the fact that the kitten was already working its way into DelaCueva’s heart, she fought tooth and nail to avoid the inevitable.

She posted on Facebook in the hopes of finding the kitten home, and she even went to a shelter to see if they could accept her.

DelaCueva ultimately acknowledged what she already knew: the cat was destined to be with her when the shelter told her they didn’t have room for another cat.

DelaCueva gave the kitten the name Bella and began making final preparations for the big move.

She had Bella examined by a veterinarian who prepared her for the upcoming plane travel.

Bella was also introduced to her new brother, a lovely puppy named Buster.

Bella was enamored with Buster from the moment she met him.

Bella began following the happy puppy around the house because something about him made her heart sing.

She made the decision that she loved him and that she was going to make him love her as well.

Bella’s new favorite activity is catching Buster’s tail, and his behind is still not safe from her shenanigans to this day.

“She is always within three feet of him at all times.” When he’s eating, she’ll smack his tail and flee, just to return,” Yesenia explained.

Since Bella joined the family, Buster has been a wonderful big brother to her, and despite the fact that she enjoys bothering him and playing jokes on him, he adores his little sister and enjoys cuddling up with her and DelaCueva at the night.

Bella is happy than ever now that the entire family has safely arrived on the east coast and has settled in.

DelaCueva has not only saved her life, but has also provided her with a lovely home, a loving family, and a promising future.

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The little dog doesn’t let his owner post adoption announcement for the rescue kitten… Check out this touching story below…
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