A woman transforms a friend’s house into a heaven for cats… Check out the photos below to see…

What cat lover wouldn’t want their home to be as beautiful as this one?

“My friend Eliza and her girlfriend Tiffany recently purchased their first home. “I decided I wanted to assist “catify” their amazing new home for their seven cats after seeing a few photographs she posted on Facebook,” Rebecca Mountain shared.

“Eliza’s cats Kirby, Agnes, Monkey, Judd, and Naked would be meeting Tiffany’s cats Encore and Pluto for the first time, and having perches, walkways, and cat trees would be a crucial part of making the transition smoother.” Three dogs would join the cats in this home, making it even more vital for the cats to have their own “cat only” place.”



“After reviewing a few options, we decided that building a “super highway” would allow the cats to go from one end of the house to the other without having to step on the floor.”

I started at the southeast corner of the home and built a 12″ x 6′ window perch.

To gain access over the sliding glass door, I had to build unique shelves.

The cats would arrive at a handcrafted 6-foot cat tree on the other side of the sliding glass door.

Back up the cat tree, the cats can easily climb onto the catwalk, which is approximately 16 feet long and extends to the central post in the west.

Multiple points of entry are necessary to allow the cats to get up and down without feeling trapped or cornered.

More shelves were added to allow the cats to walk north along the west wall to the second story.

I also wanted to do something unique and unusual for the wall directly beneath the second-floor railing.

I wanted to make a wall of cat shelves that looked like they were growing out of branches.

As a result, a “leaf wall” emerges.

Encore is debuting on the catwalk for the first time.

Our Scratching Post for the Wall was a wonderful match for the entire structure. “I’m sure I can get to the second floor from here,”

Agnes instantly took to the catwalks and shelves since we were able to utilize wood that suited the existing wood in the house.
It’s quite cool to have cats treading above you while enjoying your morning coffee.

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A woman transforms a friend’s house into a heaven for cats… Check out the photos below to see…