This photographer takes stunning photos of cats and owners who look alike…

People find randomness to be the most exciting way to boost their creativity and imagination, but capturing the proper moment is never easy unless you’re lucky. This expert animal photographer had to give up hours and a lot of effort in order to come up with and publish remarkable cat-human pairs that looked identical to each other. Gerrard Gethings did not anticipate this time-consuming endeavor to spread as widely as it has.

Scroll down to see the step-by-step process of creating these stunning photographs.


My earlier series of work featured people who resembled pets. It was highly appreciated, therefore I wanted another project that would be equally, if not more, interesting. Cats were the easiest to photograph, although they are much more challenging than dogs.” – Gethings.


Unlike dogs, cats are hard to persuade. Cats, being temperamental, have a difficult time reacting properly. Some pets and goodies cause dogs to react differently. Rather, cats need time to ‘digest’ and explore their surroundings before becoming accustomed. Gethings agreed.


“This series required more physical cues. Many of the cats enjoyed playing with toys, leading to wonderful body shapes like the boxing and dancing cats. Unlike cats, dogs seem eager to please. They are also quite greedy. Cats, on the other hand, are wary of new things. They have constant access to food and hence are not driven by it like dogs.” – Photographer said.


Photographing animals requires a lot more than just models or meowdels. Gethings agreed “Need the correct tools and know where to put them? No time to continually readjust throughout a shoot. Practice on the pet. Starting here is the greatest option.


He also mentioned how difficult this endeavor was because he had to demonstrate the best qualities of both people and cats. Finding similar elements and putting them together may appear simple, but in London, it was more of a challenge.


“Finding cats with enough variety to make the series interesting was tough, and I had to travel across the United Kingdom to photograph them.” Unlike the dogs, finding the cats wasn’t enough; I had to persuade them to participate as well. I drove for hours, set up my equipment, and then the cat refused to play ball on several occasions. I had no choice but to pack my belongings and return home, exhausted.” – Gethings stated.



Gerrard Gethings had no intention of going on the road to photograph animals from the start of his profession. He was a painter and on his way to becoming an artist who studied fine art. By the time he met celebrity portrait photographer Terry O’Neill, however, everything had changed.


“I worked with him for ten years, and it was his studio skills applied to animal photography that drew me away from painting and into photography.” I also enjoy the sense of urgency.



It takes months to complete a painting. Photographs are completed in a single day, and then there’s the next project, and the next, and the next. It’s thrilling.” – he explained.







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This photographer takes stunning photos of cats and owners who look alike…
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