This jawless kitten is thanking the woman who helped him… Check out the photos to know his story…

On a fateful day in Sri Lanka, a nice Samaritan found a seriously injured kitten in need of assistance. No one expected him to live, but this brave kitten did.
All he needed was some faith.

Continue reading to find out how a loving person saved this tiny hero!

A dog attacked Toothless at 8 weeks old, and he was dumped by a woman’s home with his sister. Madhushani was devastated by the aftermath.

Toothless was barely alive and unable to move. Nodding her head, Madhushani remembered. Madhushani had to act quickly to save Toothless.

Madhushani rushed Toothless and his sister inside to inspect the damage. “Then his mouth and tongue. “It was a disaster– so ugly,” Madhushani remarked. A shattered lower jaw and a damaged tongue left Toothless.

Madhushani rushed Toothless to the clinic for operation.

“Even our vet was astonished he survived,” Madhushani said. Size and age were factors in Toothless’ survival. But Madhushani and her family wanted him to thrive!

Following his operation, his family closely monitored his rehabilitation.Madhushani stated they had never faced such a challenging problem before.

Injured Toothless survived and recovered thanks to Madhushani’s hard effort. To his dismay, Toothless had lost his jaw, but he had no open sores to infect. Madhushani could focus on long-term requirements of Toothless once the worst had passed.
Now she feeds him by hand. “We give him beverages in special bottles.”

At 8 months old, Toothless can finally rest comfortably.

Toothless thanks Madhushani with sweet purrs. “He purrs as soon as he sees us,” Madhushani remarked.
Toothless isn’t hesitant about asking for what he wants. “He can’t meow properly, but he tries!” Madhushani

But Toothless is a loud cat. A nice, tolerant, quiet man. « His injuries never stop him,” Madhushani stated. “He’s highly adaptable and happy.” Madhushani took in Toothless’ sister.
In their comfy sweaters, this beautiful duo often cuddles or curls up for a sleep!

Then there’s Toothless’ sister. “They improved my life,” Madhushani added. Toothless defied the odds and lived a meaningful life despite many doubting his survival. His story exemplifies the tenacity of disabled animals.

Madhushani gave Toothless the unconditional love and affection he deserved!

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This jawless kitten is thanking the woman who helped him… Check out the photos to know his story…
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