Every university needs a cat like this ginger fluff… Here’s is why…

Unlike therapy dogs, this ginger kitty offers consolation to lucky university students without any training. In addition to providing cuddles, this particular kitten visits the University of Augsburg daily.

Campus Cat Secretary Andreas told Bored Panda that the Campus Cat’s main purpose is to care for the pupils. In addition, the cat roams the campus to meet all students from all faculties. Many students claim Campus Cat helps them relax before tests, papers, or exams.

The ginger is always present. He also has a home and is well cared for! He just wants to come and relieve the pupils’ stress.

He seems to grasp the hardships of academic life…

So he cuddles several of the students!

“The catwalks all across campus to see every student”

The cat has a home and is being cared for!

He just seems to want to relieve the pupils’ stress.

Exam anxiety often brings students to the adorable fur-ball.

Or maybe they just have some student life dramas to sort out.

The ginger is always there.

This kitty has numerous friends on campus…

But he looks to tan nicely!

This is the kind of cat that every university in the world needs!

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Every university needs a cat like this ginger fluff… Here’s is why…
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