This shelter dog thinks he is a cat, and here are the hilarious photos and video that prove it…

When Bethany and Samantha Castiller went to the shelter to adopt a dog, they came across a 2-year-old pit bull named Mako and chose to adopt him.

They were, in fact, picked by this charming and social dog. “We joke that he picked us, not the other way around,” Castiller explained.

“We started petting him since he had his back against the cage when we arrived at the rescue shelter, and he looked over his shoulder and offered direct eye contact, and we simply fell in love with the little boy.” Because his head was so much larger than his body at the time, he appeared like a bobblehead, and we thought he was wonderful.”

Mako was brought home by the family, and they were unsure if he would get along with their cats, Pecan and Gizmo. Thankfully, the shelter advised them that Mako got along swimmingly with cats, so they didn’t have to be concerned.

“At first, we kept the cats in a separate area of the house to gradually expose them to the new canine,” Bethany explained. “He began jumping up on the small tables we had strewn about the house, and we assumed he was just overjoyed and bursting with energy.”

They didn’t understand Mako acted like the cats until they introduced him to them.

Mako spends as much time as he can with his feline buddies, playing and hanging out. Carolina claims she has never heard Mako bark, and he has even discovered a method to scale the top of the refrigerator like a cat.

“Whenever Mako sees the guys on the counters or cabinets,” Castiller explained, “he jumps up to join them.”

“All he wants to do is be around the kitties all of the time.” He’s with the kitties if he’s not in the room with one of us humans.”

Though no one can be certain, everyone believes Mako grew up with cats in his previous house, leading to his adopting their interests and behaviors.

He was presumably used to being in the presence of cats. He fancies himself a cat because he is so comfortable with it.

“We went online and got a dog toy that looks like a cat toy,” Castiller explained. “We go to the backyard and he chases and jumps after it like the cats.”

“He also likes to sit on the tables with my cats and watch the birds out the window.” He comes over and does the same thing when he sees one of my cats lying on their backs for a tummy rub!”


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This shelter dog thinks he is a cat, and here are the hilarious photos and video that prove it…
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